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1 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/20081 Following the traces of OADymPPac … The OADymPPaC project (Tools for Dynamic Analysis and Debugging of Constraint.

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1 1 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/20081 Following the traces of OADymPPac … The OADymPPaC project (Tools for Dynamic Analysis and Debugging of Constraint Programs), whose COSYTEC was a partner, officially ended in 2004. One of the objective was generic trace definition. Focused by short delays on tracer prototypes realisation and trace analysis, the project did not go deep in the problem of trace creation and management. We invite you here to follow the path initiated by OADymPPaC, until some epistemological ultimate consequences. Pierre Deransart CR INRIA-Paris-Rocquencourt

2 2 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/20082 Budget: 162 M (tax not incl.) including 20% from contracts, software licenses, etc. 2,900 scientists 1,000 doctoral candidates 450 post-docs 300 R&D engineers 1,500 budgetary positions 570 research scientists 740 ETA 300 interns 8 Research Centres (2008) A workforce of 3,700 Key figures Jan. 2007

3 3 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/20083 Location External research project-team Research Centre INRIA Nancy Grand Est INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée INRIA Rennes Bretagne Atlantique INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest Metz INRIA Lille Nord Europe Lannion Marseille Lyon Montpellier INRIA Saclay Île-de-France Headquarters Nantes Besançon Strasbourg INRIA Paris Rocquencourt Pau

4 4 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/20084 Nancy - Grand Est Paris - Rocquencourt Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes The Research Centres Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest Saclay - Île-de-France Lille - Nord Europe

5 5 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/20085 Try to remember…. « Sur la route de Rocquencourt » par Pissaro … 2004, so long time ago…. 1999 2004

6 6 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/20086

7 7 7 CONTEXT, HISTORY From DiSCiPl to OADymPPaC DiSCiPl (1997-2000): to improve debogage of constraint solvers: resulted in prototypes which remained « ad-hoc » ones for correctness and performance analysis. This project has shown the usefulness of semi-automated approaches based on trace analysis by visualization tools. Book: P. Deransart and M. Hermenegildo and J. Maluszynski, Analysis and Visualization Tools for Constraint Programming, LNCS 1870, 2000 OADymPPaC (2001-2004) URL: participants: A. Aggoun, T. Baudel, P. Deransart, M. Ducassé, F.Fages, J.D. Fekete, N. Jussien, C. de Sainte-Marie, … Challenges : Interoperability of the tools : complete separation between trace production and trace analysis, studied and realized by different specialists scaling: possibilité possibility to consider thausends of variables and constraints using specialized HMI The project resulted in prototypes et products, but limited to the constraint resolution domain. Several problems have been identified.

8 8 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/20088 PROBLEMS Can such approach be extended to other domains? 1.Trace interpretation: to give a meaning to a trace, reconstruction models (trace analysis, interpretative semantics IS). 2.Sémantics of the traces of a given family of processes (trace generation model, observational semantics OS). 3.Data stream managment between the observed and observing processes: trace filtering, tracer driver, workload balance, interactions, properties of the stream (efficiency, invariance of the semantics, faithfulness) Relationships with other research and application domains: event- condition-action models, data stream analysis, cognitive sciences

9 9 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/20089 The two traces of a process (Full Traces) Virtual Trace T V = SO Actual Trace T A = SI TVTV TATA I E E: extraction I: interpretation (reconstruction) E ° I = I ° E = i Notion of FAITHFULNESS:

10 10 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200810 Small example (extract of Prolog trace) goal:-p(X),eq(X,b). p(a). p(b). eq(X,X). chrono nu(u) lp(u) port pd(u) Reached virtual state 1 1 1 Call goal S2 2 2 2 Call p(X) S3 3 2 2 Exit p(a) S4 4 3 2 Call eq(a,b) S5 5 3 2 Fail eq(a,b) S6 6 2 2 Redo p(a) S7 7 2 2 Exit p(b) S8 8 4 2 Call eq(b,b) S9 9 4 2 Exit eq(b,b) S10 10 1 1 Exit goal S11

11 11 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200811 But if the trace is smaller …? nu(u) port 1 Call 2Call 2Exit 3Call 3Fail 2Redo 2Exit 4Call 4Exit 1 Exit What can we see ?

12 12 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200812

13 13 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200813 PLAN: domains and challenges 1.Tracer development for dynamic analysis of programs 2.Modelling and abstraction 3.Data mining et data stream filtering, ECA models and WEB semantics 4.Analysis of human behaviour 5.Brain, memory prothesis 6.Epistemology Idea: traces are everywhere, investigating on traces, is investigating on ideas too

14 14 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200814 Everywhere ? Gérard Berry 2007

15 15 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200815 1- Tracer Construction for dynamic analysis of programs 1.Incremental development of tracer (full trace) 2.Trace filtering and query (language for trace events selection), Tracer Driver 3.Interactions (server tracer / clients analysers) 4.Optimization of the communication (with faithfulness) 5.MDA Approach «trace componants» (enrichment, fusion, abstraction, selection) 6.Genericity

16 16 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200816 C4RBCP T chrome V T CHR V T Rslam V T V And querying

17 17 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200817 Grand Challenge 1: conception et manipulation of traces (« traces algebra») Enrichment Selection Fusion Abstraction Genericity

18 18 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200818 2-Modelling and abstraction Full Trace Intricated abstractions levels

19 19 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200819 Modelling and abstraction (genericity)

20 20 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200820 Grand Challenge 2: models of trace production (SO) Abstract interpretation give a possible theoretical framework for the OS possible use of « Fluent calculus » Tracer implementation, simulations and verifications are possible for a domain of processes (« model checking », Clarke, Emerson, Sifakis, Turing 2007) Theoretical trace Analysis (relationships with trace theory, The Book of Traces, 1995),

21 21 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200821 3- Data mining and interogation of data stream, semantic WEB, ECA Models ADSL traffic Looking for a meaning…

22 22 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200822 Data mining as trace analysis Using data stream analysis algorithms in order to recognize objects (optimized traces) Selection of suspicious portions of programs (Zaidman & al, 2005) « model checking » for intrusion detection (Garavel & al. 2004) on execution traces Symmetries discovery (OADymPPaC)

23 23 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200823 Data stream analysis with unknown origin Massive flow analysis (probabilistic algorithms, Rabin 1980) Query langages of data flows (Arasu, 2002) Interactions between observer/observed and between traces (ECA models and WEB semantics, Alferes et al. 2004)

24 24 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200824 Grand Challenge 3: to interpret traces (IS) Using data stream analysis alrorithms to recognize objects in the trace (identification of observables) Trace query anguage : efficient filtering To trace knowledge use and managment

25 25 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200825 4-Human behaviour Analysis To trust the data Formalisation of contexts (data fusion), traces of contexts and human behaviour Construction of scenarios from traces Till were can we or shall we go? Go around the limits af automation

26 26 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200826 Trusting data (access to the knowledge) Knowledge base = rule system = computations Using it require more than just computations: seeking, identifying, reasoning (without predefined strategy) Example: problem internet sites guarantees (ex law of 13 août 2004 on la certification des sites internet dédiés à la santé (Haute Autorité à la Santé)) HON code (Health On the Net): ex Qualification of writers Justification of affirmations Clear distinction between edited contents and advertisement Transparency of founding Personal data protection, keeping traces on consultations or updates …

27 27 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200827 Construction od a virtual world (Lyon1/INRETS) Virtual Trace Actual Trace

28 28 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200828 An Infernal Example Le Monde de l'Intellligence, num 11 janv-fev-mars 08 Sudoku infernal p 60 (par Bernard Gervais)

29 29 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200829

30 30 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200830 Experimentation To build and compare traces of the players behaviour and of the automaton Danalyser le comportement du joueur Didentifier la règle utilisée par le joueur De mesurer la satisfaction du joueur De comparer avec la résolution automatique Didentifier les points de réelle difficulté du joueur De corréler de la difficulté pour le joueur et la difficulté théorique

31 31 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200831 Grand Challenge 4: Analyse of a knowledge domain Construction of scenarios Limits of the formalization (beginning of the human work) The ability to build good traces Is mandatory in order to perform good analysis

32 32 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200832 5-Brain: a world of fusions

33 33 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200833 Actual Trace T w t = Unbounded sequence of trace events w t w t : (t, A t ) t : chrono: time of the trace A t : set of attributes values

34 34 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200834 La mémoire Personal Memory Project: Memex (Vannevar Bush, 1945) Accumulation of trace events (multimedia) ------------------------------- Mechanisms of the human memory: Axes (Chapoutier, 2006): Sensations Temporal (work, episodic / reference, sustainable) Abstract (procedural memory and implicit memory ) each memory has its recall mode (implicit, inconscient / explicit, conscient)

35 35 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200835 Gand Challenge 5: personal memory artefact Axes: digitalisation/numerisation (sensorial), remanent and support (temporal line), conscient recall(abstract) Towards a memory protese? base dofe stances (Kiss, Quinqueton 2004) Mechanisms for deduction and for recell (LISFS, logical information system, Padiolo, Sogonneau, Ridoux 2004) mechanisms for data organisation (ontology's) et to forget Personal memory organisation system

36 36 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200836 6- Epistemology as theory of knowledges Discretization-spatialisation/numérisation/manipulation Big steps: 20 centuries after beginning of néolitic: first numerations (astro) 12th century BC alphabetic system (grammatisation) The printing allows the writing to invade society 17th century, the machine tool is the reproduction of discretized gesture 1834 discretisation sounds and images Economy of immaterial (management of knowledges) Information processing plays a dominant role in all spheres of activity (industry or research) and is based on an uninterrupted accumulation of traces ….

37 37 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200837 Grand Challenge 6: society viewed as a system of interacting traces Le réseau numérique, à l'origine d'un nouveau modèle industriel Conférence de Bernard StieglerBernard Stiegler Les nouvelles technologies : révolution culturelle et cognitive Conférence de Michel SerresMichel Serres etc…

38 38 Chip User's Club, Paris 16/10/200838 Following the traces of …. Thank you! Jusquoù ne risque-t-on pas daller trop loin? Lhomme réinventé?

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