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Quality People: a brief overview of..

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1 Quality People: a brief overview of..
Edward Deming Joseph M. Juran Philip Crosby

2 Total Quality Management from “Out of the Crisis”
Edward Deming "It is not enough to just do your best or work hard. You must know what to work on."- W. Edwards Deming Summary of 14 points of Total Quality Management from “Out of the Crisis”

3 Edward Deming MS in physics and mathematics Doctorate in physics
Moved towards statistics US Census bureau 1940 Started private practice in 1946 emphasizing statistical sampling and quality control Influential work in Japan heralded their economic rise in the automotive industry Edward Deming

4 Clarify your Concept Define your mission/Goal
TQM points summary Define your mission/Goal Aim for constant improvement in the services offered to your clients Edward Deming

5 Realize your Concept TQM points summary Have a long term, not short term profit orientation Find, understand, and root out the 4 detriments: fear, jealously, anger, revenge Eliminate practices that undermine workers’ self/mutual respect and motivation Maintain or enhance the self esteem of other Foster all chances for pride in workmanship and sharing in the improvement process Edward Deming

6 System and Process Management
TQM points summary 85/15 rule (Theory of Profound knowledge) 85% of a worker’s effectiveness is determined by the system he works in, only 15% by his own skill When you understand the importance of quality and timeliness of inputs from suppliers, you’ll stop buying on low-bid Monitor outputs throughout i.e. prevention over inspection Edward Deming

7 Constant Learning Before hiring: rigorous pre-screening
TQM points summary Before hiring: rigorous pre-screening Before working: rigorous pre-work training Retrain on the job Management must constantly learn from entire team, clients, and competitors Edward Deming

8 Team and Leaders TQM points summary All levels of the organization must be involved with full commitment at the top Eliminate performance ratings Emphasize stability and constancy of effort Involve the whole team in major decisions Involve clients, suppliers, and staff for feedback loops Edward Deming

9 Reap the Rewards Spread Profits/rewards to team members
TQM points summary Spread Profits/rewards to team members Empower people to take charge Encourage pride in deliverery of the product Spread what you have learned Edward Deming

10 “Quality Control Handbook” Planning, Improvement, Control
Joseph M. Juran “Quality Control Handbook” Quality Trilogy: Planning, Improvement, Control FOR MORE INFO...

11 History 1926, a pioneer at Bell Laboratories
Statistical inspection department was one of the first of its kind 1937 chief of Western Electric’s Industrial Engineering office Focused on methods of quality improvement Joseph Juran

12 Six Sigma Breakthrough
Created at Motorola in the 80’s to achieve breakthrough results based on fundamentals of Juran Six Sigma capability means 12 standard deviations of process output between the upper and lower specification limits Therefore, no more than 3.4 parts per million fall outside of the specification limit Joseph Juran

13 Six Sigma Philosophy A methodology to drive out waste
Improve quality, cost and time performance of any business Achieved through a series of successful projects Green belt, black belt, and master black belt levels Joseph Juran

14 Quality Planning Identify who are the customers
Quality Trilogy Identify who are the customers Determine the needs of the customers Translate those needs into our language Develop a product that can respond to those needs Optimize the product features so as to meet our needs and customer needs Joseph Juran

15 Quality Improvement Quality Trilogy Develop a process which is able to produce the product Optimize the process Joseph Juran

16 Quality Control Quality Trilogy Prove that the process can produce the product under operating conditions with minimal inspection Transfer the process to operations Joseph Juran

17 The Cost of Poor Quality
Philip Crosby The Cost of Poor Quality

18 History Experience from the assembly line Focused on zero defects
Many years of experience with Martin-Marietta and 14 years as vice-president if ITT Philip Crosby

19 4 Absolutes of Quality Management
Quality is defined as conformance to requirements, not as goodness or elegance The system for causing quality is prevention, not appraisal Performance standard must be zero defect, not “close enough” The measurement of quality is the price of non-conformance Philip Crosby

20 Another worth noting: Taguchi
First person to equate quality with cost Focus on loss of quality rather than quality itself Costs of reworking, scrapping, maintenance costs, downtime, warranty claims, etc. Optimize process and product prior to production vs. emphasizing the achievement of quality through inspection Use prototyping to optimize Genichi Taguchi

21 For more information on quality leaders
Management Thought Leaders The Quality Gurus

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