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RICHARD DOVE World Vision Mozambique Manager Milange Food Security Project.

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1 RICHARD DOVE World Vision Mozambique Manager Milange Food Security Project

2 Milange Food Security Project Main implementing NGO World Vision Mozambique In partnership with local NGO Solidariedade and DDA 3 year project financed by EU In final year (1 year extension) Works in 1 district in Northern Mozambique

3 Principle target groups Rural community –Smallholder farmers –Farmer associations –Small businessmen Partner Organisations –NGO Solidariedade –District Direction of Agriculture

4 Main activities - agriculture To improve production / returns / food security –Introduce improved techniques –Introduce improved varieties –Promote production of certain food crops –Introduce new cash crops

5 Main activities with associations Increase capacity of community to manage agricultural resources etc. –Training in working as groups/associations –Training in association management –Training in marketing surpluses as a group –Facilitating linkages with buyers –Assistance with legalisation of associations –Assistance in preparing micro-project proposals

6 Capacity building with Partner Organisations Formal training courses given –NGO management –Financial management –Technical training Mentoring and coaching Joint project implementation Consultancies in specific areas e.g. finance, strategic planning

7 Importance of PPM&E In the final year we will be doing a follow up to the base-line survey To obtain qualitative information on the impact of the project as this may not be fully captured by the survey To assist in the writing of a 2 nd phase proposal with relevant activities and indicators.

8 Experience of (P)PM&E Masters Ag. Env. & Dev. Training in M&E, PRA etc. Responsible for M&E for USAID funded DAP project Current project –Performing PRAs with communities –Base-line survey –Monthly reports from staff –Monthly planning with staff –Monitoring visits to the field

9 Issues to be addressed Improve the feedback from the community concerning the implementation and impact of the project Improve the monthly reporting of staff Help in the design of project proposals that are relevant to the needs of the target groups

10 Learning objectives of course To gain knowledge, skills and experience to:- – introduce more PPME techniques into the final evaluation of the project – improve project proposal writing to include appropriate activities and indicators

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