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7-1 Impacts of IT Organizations, Individuals, and Society.

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2 7-1 Impacts of IT Organizations, Individuals, and Society

3 7-2 Impacts of IT Does IT have only positive effects? Ethical issues Organizations Individuals Society

4 7-3 Ethical Issues Framework Protecting privacy Electronic surveillance Personal information in databases Information on bulletin boards

5 7-4 Ethical Issues Transfer of data across borders Privacy codes Privacy policy - a sample Protecting intellectual property Internal aspects

6 7-5 Ethics Framework Privacy Accuracy Property Accessibility

7 7-6 Impacts on Organizations Structure, Authority, Power, and Job Content Flatter organizational hierarchies Staff-to-line ratio Centralization of authority Power and status Job content

8 7-7 Impacts on Organizations Structure, Authority, Power, and Job Content Role ambiguity and conflict Personnel issues Employee career ladders Changes in supervision Manager’s job

9 7-8 Impacts on Individuals at Work Job satisfaction Dehumanization and psychological Health and safety –Job stress –Repetitive strain injuries Lessening the impact on health and safety

10 7-9

11 7-10 Societal Impacts and the Internet Community Opportunities for people with disabilities Quality of life improvements Quality of life Crime fighting The internet electronic community

12 7-11 The Internet Electronic Community Communities of transaction Communities of interest Communities of relations Communities of fantasy

13 7-12 Information Technology and the Employment Level Arguments that support massive unemployment Arguments contradicting massive unemployment

14 7-13 Telecommuting Advantages Increased productivity –Decrease absenteeism Decreased office costs Decrease pollution Decreased traffic

15 7-14 Telecommuting Disadvantages Isolation Loss of fringe benefits Lower pay Workplace visibility - slower promotions Lack of socialization

16 7-15 Other Impacts Challenge to free speech versus Internet indecency Social responsibility International implications

17 7-16 Managerial Issues Lawsuits - repetitive strain injuries Different cultures - ethics Privacy Technological development Impact of EC Massive layoffs Telecommuting

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