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Weather and Climate Part 1 Day 1 Exciting slide huh?

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1 Weather and Climate Part 1 Day 1 Exciting slide huh?

2 Weather and Climate Weather: The condition of the atmosphere, or the air that surrounds the Earth, at a certain place and time. Weather @ BrainPop

3 Weather and Climate Atmosphere: The air that surrounds the Earth. Atmosphere @ BrainPop

4 Weather and Climate Troposphere: The layer closest to the Earth.

5 The Layers of the Atmosphere

6 Weather and Climate Temperature: The measure of how hot or cold something is. Temperature @ BrainPop

7 Weather and Climate Humidity: A measure of how much moisture is in the air. Water Vapor: Water in the form of a gas. Humidity @ BrainPop

8 Weather and Climate Q: How does the air feel on a hot humid day? Why? A: On a hot, humid day, the air feels damp and sticky because it contains so much moisture.

9 Bonus Definitions: Absolute Humidity: How much water is actually in the air. Relative Humidity: The relative humidity tells how much water the air is holding compared to how much it could hold at a certain temperature.

10 Weather and Climate Air Pressure: The weight of the air around Earth pressing down on Earth's surface. How Does Air Pressure Cause Ear Popping? “The main cause of air pressure-related ear popping is an imbalance between the pressure within the ear and the pressure outside of the ear. Anytime there is a huge disparity between the two air pressures, the tympanic membrane, or eardrum, expands or contracts in an effort to help equalize the pressures. This contraction or expansion causes a popping or crackling sound in the ears.” From

11 Weather and Climate Q: Does cold or warm air have more air pressure? Why? A: Cold air tends to have higher air pressure than warm air because it weighs more. Have you ever heard that Warm Air rises?

12 Weather and Climate Local Wind: Affects weather in only a small region.

13 Weather and Climate Sea Breeze: Warmer air over the land is pushed up by cooler air moving in from over the water. Land Breeze: Warmer air over the water is pushed up by cooler air moving out from over the land. Wind @ BrainPop

14 Weather and Climate Prevailing Winds: A pattern of moving air over large parts of Earth. Bonus: Prevailing Winds (global winds) are caused by the uneven heating of large areas of Earth's surface caused by Earth's rotation, or spin. Prevailing Winds blow from the same general direction. In the United States winds called the Prevailing Westerlies blow from west to east.

15 Weather and Climate A: Sea breeze B: Land breeze

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