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The Audio-Lingual Method

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1 The Audio-Lingual Method
林若瑾 簡綺潔 洪小媚 簡嘉洵

2 I. Introduction The Audio-Lingual Method is an approach that drills students in the use of grammatical sentence patterns.

3 Ⅱ.Principles & Techniques
Applied situation or effect Dialog memorizat- ion Language occurs most naturally within a context. Dialog& Short conversation Repetition drill Language learning is a process of habit formation. Dialog

4 Backward build-up (expansion) drill
Teachers should correct students’ errors immediately. Long line dialog Chain drill Students have to be able to use the target language to communicate. Teachers can check each student’s speech. Single-slot/Multiple-slot Substitu -tion drill Particular parts of speech occupy particular “slots” in sentences. Let students practice in finding and filling in the slots of a sentence.

5 Transformation/Question
-And-answer drill Enable students to form the habits of using the patterns. Statement→ Question Active sentence→ Passive Direct speech→Reported Use of minimal pairs Use pairs of words that differ in only one sound. Grammar game Supermarket alphabet Complete the dialog Erase some words from a dialog.

6 III.Compare three methods mentioned before
Direct Method Grammar- translation Audio- Lingual Less communicative More communicative Vocabulary acquisition Grammar sentences Native language is not involved Native language is involved

7 IV. Conclusion Audio- Lingual is a great way to make the learners memorize the new sentences in a short time since it emphasizes on the repetition. However, our group thinks it may be a little time- consuming and the learners may get tired quickly. Therefore, we suggest the way may go well if the other methods are practiced at the same time.

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