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PREV ’AIR : An operational system for air quality monitoring and forecasting Laurence ROUÏL.

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1 PREV ’AIR : An operational system for air quality monitoring and forecasting Laurence ROUÏL

2 Built for operational purposes: In France public information related to pollution episodes (threshold exceedances) can be driven by observations but also by forecasts since 2004 The system :  a cooperative system for air quality monitoring, forecasting and mapping over Western Europe and France ;  set up in 2003 by: Model development : MOCAGE Meteorological forecasts National Meteorological servicesMétéo France Model development : CHIMERENational Research CentreCNRS Builds up and hosts the NRT database AQ expertise for the Ministry National Agency of Environment ADEME Builds up and hosts the prev ’air system Model development : CHIMERE AQ expertise for the Ministry Public organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Ecology INERIS PREV’AIR :

3 Architecture of the PREV’AIR System 3D Chemistry Transport Models...  CHIMERE / IPSL-CNRS-INERIS  MOCAGE / METEO-France  open system to other models... … Driven by meteorological forecasts:  AVN / NCEP global data (+ MM5 higher resolution forecasts)  ARPEGE, ALADIN... Using input data:  emissions inventory (EMEP)  boundary conditions (LMDZ-INCA/GOCART)  land-use (GLCF data base) NRT observation data:  BASTER/ADEME NRT database centralizes data from 40 French local AQ monitoring networks  bilateral cooperation with other partners Chemical forecasts Low and high resolution meteorological forecasts Numerical AQ forecast data Forecast s (maps) French NRT data (BASTER) Analysis (maps) Observation s (maps) Others partners NRT data...

4  available at D+0, 00 h LT on the web site  daily peak and averaged concentration maps for D+0, D+1, D+2  pollutants: O 3, NO 2 (France and Europe) and PM (Europe) O3, peak forecast (µg/m 3 ) 20040729 D+0 O3, peak forecast (µg/m 3 ) 20040729 D+2 O3, peak forecast (µg/m 3 ) 20040729 D+1 PREV’AIR outputs: daily forecasts

5 PREV’AIR numerical data  extraction over user-defined domains  available through the Internet for AQ related institutions (user accounts) Applications  AQ information on public French channels (TV)  direct use for a local information (GIS)  input data for local modelling purposes : ESMERALDA (Paris + 6 regions) AERES (Marseille region), etc … PREV’AIR outputs: numerical forecast data

6 PREV’AIR NRT observation data National web sitePREV ’AIR 39 French AQ related organisms (AASQA) "real time" national database BASTER AASQA web sites Local servers 680 monitoring stations hour LOCAL NATIONAL O 3 NO 2 SO 2 PM10 PM2.5

7 Daily mean concentrations of PM10 at surface measured on the 12 of September 2004 Maps of daily max and mean measured concentrations :  for O 3, NO 2, PM2.5 and PM10  using observations made between 0h and T time  hour by hour updating if data available (pollution events)  for D day and the 6 previous days PREV’AIR outputs: maps of French NRT data

8 Modelled concentrations corrected with observations:  Observations collected in real-time for 150 stations (ozone)  Statistical adaptation using a kriging method  Available at J+0 with updates if near real time observations available  Operational for ozone since 2004 and for PM10 in 2006 For the day before and the current day July 31, 2004 PREV’AIR outputs: analyzed maps immediately available for information (web sites, media…) = O3 simulation corrected by observations (µg/m 3 ) O3 simulation (µg/m 3 ) + observations

9 PREV’AIR outputs: scores (forecast quality)

10 PREV’AIR outputs: time series (forecast quality)


12 Models evaluation and performances

13 PREV’AIR outputs: archives and budgets long term analysis Ozone, averaged peak (µg/m3) during summer 2003

14 Involvement in the GMES program (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) :  PROMOTE (ESA) = PROtocole MOniToring for the GMES service Element on atmospheric composition phase 1: demonstrator phase 2: definition of air quality services related to forecasting and mapping; definition of a cooperative framework (with other European AQ teams)  GEMS (EU) = Global and regional Earth-system (atmosphere) Monitoring using satellite and in-situ data contribution to the Air Quality part for the development of data assimilation methods and ensemble forecasts Towards an European framework...

15 => Looking for bilateral cooperation with other European partners :  for NRT data exchange : necessary to build analyzed maps and to evaluate the simulated results (Italy, Germany, Belgium) (contact:  for forecasts or analyzed maps: users accounts could be available to download over specific areas (contacts: ; Towards a European framework...


17 The CHIMERE Model Set-Up in PREV’AIR Domains: over Europe over France  Horizontal resolution: 0.5°x 0.5° 0.15° x 0.1°  Vertical resolution:8 levels from surface pressure up to 500 hPa Meteorological forecast data  AVN / NCEP for initialization and boundary conditions  MM5 higher resolution forecasts  ARPEGE Chemical scheme  MELCHIOR (47 species, 125 reactions) Aerosol module  7 species (PPM, SOA, nitrate, sulphate,  ammonium, Water Contents, dust) 25 reactions (aqueous and heterogeneous phase) See http// PREV’AIR 3D chemistry transport models

18 The CHIMERE Model Set-Up in PREV’AIR Domains Global Model / Over Europe / Over France  Horizontal resolution: 4°x 4° 0.5° x 0.5° 0.1° x 0.1°  Vertical resolution: 47 levels from surface pressure up to 5hPa Meteorological forecast data  ARPEGE and ALADIN Chemical scheme  RACMOBUS (118 species, 381 reactions) No aerosol module PREV’AIR 3D chemistry transport models

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