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Search Engine and Display Marketing: Data Challenges Rahul Nim Architect, Efficient Frontier 1.

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1 Search Engine and Display Marketing: Data Challenges Rahul Nim Architect, Efficient Frontier 1

2 Agenda What is Online Performance Marketing? – How is it done? – How is performance measured? What constitutes performance data? How is it collected? What are the issues in data collection and analysis? What is the future of online marketing? 2

3 Overview 3 Advertiser Customer TV Print Other Search Display Content Analytics and Tracking Services Content Sites Search and Content Ad Campaigns Content Ads Search Ads

4 Display Overview 4 Advertiser Customer Analytics and Tracking Services Display Sites Display Ad Campaigns Display Ads Ad Networks

5 Performance Marketing and Information Companies need to get the most out of their marketing dollars. How do we measure the performance of those dollars? – Broadcast Media (Traditional, but mind the future) – Direct Marketing – Ad Networks – Search Engines – Social Networks and Mobile Profit = Revenue - Cost Performance = Profit/Cost 5

6 Marketing on Search Engines and Ad Networks How do Search Engines make money? – Organic Search Results – Paid Search Results, PPC/CPC model – Content Ads How do Ad Networks make money? – Premium inventory – Biddable inventory, CPM model 6

7 Organic and Paid Search Examples 7

8 Paid Search Concepts Advertiser Accounts Campaigns Ad Groups Ads Keywords 8

9 Search Marketing Optimization SEO – Landing Page Optimization – Best practices SEM – Optimally bidding on keywords – Designing effective ads 9

10 Performance Indicators (SEM) Impressions Clicks Conversions 10

11 Collecting Performance Data: Pixel- Based Tracking Click Data Bat.jpg 1. Click 3. Redirect 4. Product Page 5. Purchase Transaction Conversion Data 6. Thank You Page 7. Pixel Request 8. Log Conversion Redirect/Pixel server … 11 2. Log Click

12 Performance Data Elements Browsers and Cookies, Unique IDs for events Tracking URLs What goes into the cookies – Tracking information: relating events to ads Click and Impression data from search engines and Networks Conversion data from web servers 12

13 Tracking Elements Installed Ad URL url= 010d01ed9_2671584663_{keyword}_{creative}/url%3Dhttp%253A//www.vita 253Dgo%2526adGroup%253DVitamin%2526keyword%253Dvitamins%2526cm _mmc%253DPaid%252520Search-_-Google-_-Vitamin-_-vitamins Click (generated) URLs Mpisnwevg7Ac64yWyQGj4YqVCt6g7AQIABACKANQyeOVuwJgye7thsijoBnIAQ GqBBxP0HFcOLaERWbapnR_ZsmWw6q-L_64wP2v93j- &sig=AGiWqtw1di18T6otSuXIM6tGzpvtXwmTqg&adurl=http://pixel2002.ever _cheap+shoes_creative101/url%3Dhttp%253A// re/en/index.jsp%253FsourceType%253Dps%2526source%253Dgo%2526adGro up%253DVitamin%2526keyword%253Dvitamins%2526cm_mmc%253DPaid%2 52520Search-_-Google-_-Vitamin-_-vitamins 13

14 Collecting and Using Performance Data Build – Data generated and collected in-house from Web Servers – Analyzed internally Buy – Tracking service from providers like Omniture, Google Analytics, Dart – Analytics providers like Core Metrics, Google Analytics – Combined like Efficient Frontier, Kenshoo 14

15 Collecting Performance Data: Mechanisms Collecting data for self – First Party Cookies – Setting up web servers to log events Collecting for clients (as a service provider) – HTTP redirect mechanism – Tracking info – Third party cookies – Javascript 15

16 Issues Data quality – Detecting Duplicates – Detecting Click Fraud Scalability – In collecting the data – In modeling – Redirecting – Example architectures 16

17 Performance Management in Display Networks Similarities to SEM – Clicks and Conversions Differences from SEM (and challenges) – Impressions – Campaign structures – Analysis and modeling – Real-Time Bidding (RTB) 17

18 So what should you do as a CMO? People are spending increasing amounts of time on the internet – $6.3 Billion spent in Q4’09 Develop an effective online marketing strategy – Budget for Online Advertising Get ready for Online Video 18

19 …And as a CIO (from data perspective) ? Engage with service providers (Buy) – Evaluate Quality of Services – Evaluate future readiness As service providers – More data Social graph data for segmentation Online video Display impressions – (Real-time) Biddable media slots 19

20 References SEM: Online advertising revenues: eport Cookies: Generating unique IDs for events: ml Tracking URLs: _trackurl.html _trackurl.html Click Fraud: 20

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