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T.Sharon-A.Frank 1 Multimedia Various Applications.

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1 T.Sharon-A.Frank 1 Multimedia Various Applications

2 2 T.Sharon-A.Frank Contents E-mail, MM-Mail and Internet Fax Voice Response Systems Computer Messaging Services A/V Streaming Video On Demand (VOD) Video/Multimedia Conferencing Virtual Reality (VR)

3 3 T.Sharon-A.Frank Had enough of S-mail?!

4 4 T.Sharon-A.Frank Multimedia Mail Scenario Commercial E-Mail “Cloud” Service E-Mail to Voice Protocol Conversion Phone Booth Wide Area Networks Mac Unix Based System Remote Mainframe Local Network – PC

5 5 T.Sharon-A.Frank E-mail – Killer Application?!

6 6 T.Sharon-A.Frank Multimedia Mail

7 7 T.Sharon-A.Frank Multimedia Mail Challenges Incorporate Generators/Viewers Massive Storage Space Different Standards – Interoperability –different media formats –different platforms –different protocols

8 8 T.Sharon-A.Frank MIME Overview MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension): –Unlimited Text Line Length or Overall Length –Character Sets other than ASCII –Binary or Application Specific Files –Multiple Objects in a Single Message –Images, Audio, Video Attachments

9 9 Need to identify the type of media data in a data stream in a platform-independent way. Originally designed to allow inclusion of data other than text in email, adopted by HTTP. Content-type: type/subtype. Types include text, image, audio, video, application, subtypes define specific formats. – e.g. text/html, image/gif MIME Types

10 10 T.Sharon-A.Frank Example MIME Types Text example subtypes: plain, html Image example subtypes: jpeg, gif Audio example subtypes: basic (8-bit mu-law encoded), 32kadpcm (32 kbps coding) Video example subtypes: mpeg, quicktime Application other data that must be processed by reader before “viewable” example subtypes: msword, octet- stream

11 11 T.Sharon-A.Frank Six top-level MIME types and some common subtypes

12 12 T.Sharon-A.Frank Mail message format step: protocol for exchanging email messages RFC 822: standard for text message format: header lines, e.g., –To: –From: –Subject: different from SMTP commands! body –the “message”, ASCII characters only line containing only `.’ header body. blank line

13 13 T.Sharon-A.Frank Message format: multimedia extensions MIME: multimedia mail extensions, RFC 2045, 2056 Additional lines in message header declare MIME content type. From: To: Subject: Picture of yummy crepe. MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Type: image/jpeg base64 encoded data....................................base64 encoded data. multimedia data type, subtype, parameter declaration method used to encode data MIME version encoded data

14 14 T.Sharon-A.Frank Mail Types Compound Mail –Includes text, graphics and/or images –All attachments are printable Multimedia Mail –Explicit Inclusion – all media included –Implicit Inclusion – only links to media

15 15 T.Sharon-A.Frank Management Server Messaging Server Internet Desktop Fax Service Telephony Server & PSTN Gateway NSP REGION B REGION A REGION C... INTERNET Point to point Broadcast

16 16 T.Sharon-A.Frank Example: Desktop Fax Service: Netcentric User Interfaces Web Browser PC Client Send Status

17 17 T.Sharon-A.Frank Why use Voice Response Systems?

18 18 T.Sharon-A.Frank Voice Response Systems Integrated Computer-Assisted Voice Response System ICA-VRS Demo: Kolnoaphone.wav

19 19 T.Sharon-A.Frank Model of Voice Response System Users Office Central computer data System computer Management reports Fax Phone Voice Response Hardware

20 20 T.Sharon-A.Frank Voice Response System – Hardware A/D – D/A Conversion Audio Compression Multi-line Phone Interfaces Tones Recognition Fax Interface Voice Recognition

21 21 T.Sharon-A.Frank Enabled Solution: Intelligent Answering Application Host Telephone System “Hello…” Sales Service Marketing Improved Productivity Reduced Cost Enhanced Service Enhanced Workflow Calling Number Called Number

22 22 T.Sharon-A.Frank Enabled Solution: Computer Assisted Dialing Application Host Telephone System Customer Service Marketing Collections Efficient Call Processing Improved Productivity Increased Revenue Office Home

23 23 T.Sharon-A.Frank Computer Messaging Services

24 24 T.Sharon-A.Frank Messaging and e-Learning

25 25 T.Sharon-A.Frank Personal Assistance Services Single Number Service (SNS) Single computerized address book Single message box (email, voice message, fax, beeper) Voice Activated Dialing (VAD)

26 26 T.Sharon-A.Frank Single Access to all Services

27 27 T.Sharon-A.Frank Messaging Models Integrated Messaging Unified Messaging

28 28 T.Sharon-A.Frank Telephone SystemE-Mail System Integrated Messaging All messages are copied to the E-Mail system and vice versa. Gives instant access from either the PC or the phone. Increase network traffic between the two systems. Storage

29 29 T.Sharon-A.Frank Unified Messaging Telephone SystemE-Mail System All the messages reside in the same place. Simplifies system and data management. Phone access may be slower. Storage Store Retrieve

30 30 T.Sharon-A.Frank Unified Messaging Characteristics Unified Mailbox for –Voice –Fax –E-mail Translators –E-mail to Speech –Fax to E-mail –etc. Address Book –unique for all types –immediate forward of messages Web based –easy to use –activate from any PC E-mail notification

31 31 T.Sharon-A.Frank Example of using web-browser for voice messages

32 32 T.Sharon-A.Frank Summary: Unified vs. Integrated Messaging

33 33 T.Sharon-A.Frank Additional Messaging Applications Instant Messaging & Presence (IM&P) –IM: ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger –P: SIP/SIMPLE, Jabber/XMPP Wireless/Mobile Internet –WAP1 (Wireless Application Protocol) & WML (Wireless Markup Language) –WAP2 & XHTML –SMS (Short Messaging Services) & MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) Interactive TV –Digital TV –Internet TV

34 34 T.Sharon-A.Frank Mobile IM&P

35 35 T.Sharon-A.Frank Mobile Searching in Google

36 36 Car MM Display

37 37 MyFord Touch Navigation (1)

38 38 MyFord Touch Navigation (2)

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