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Influences on Weather. EQ: What has an effect on the weather?

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1 Influences on Weather

2 EQ: What has an effect on the weather?

3 Weather: The state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time. The amount of water in the air, the temperature of the air and the precipitation are all used to describe the atmosphere. Climate: The average weather conditions of a particular area.

4 5 Things that Influence Weather 1. Humidity 2. Temperature 3. Clouds 4. Air Pressure 5. Wind

5 Humidity is the amount of water in the air.  Summer Days  Hygrometer So how does water in the air affect the weather?  Clouds  Precipitation Water in the Air

6 So how does temperature affect the weather?  Warmer air = more water vapor  Precipitation Temperature is how hot or cold the air is.  Thermometer – measures temperature Temperature

7 Clouds Cloud formation is affected by temperature and humidity.  Types  Weather predictors

8 Air Pressure Air Pressure is the weight of the air.  The sun plays a role  Warmer, lighter, less dense air rises = lower air pressure  Barometer measure air pressure  Low pressure = warm temps, rain and storms  High pressure = cooler temps & clear skies

9 Wind Wind is the natural movement of air.  What causes it?  Air moves from high pressure to low pressure areas.  High pressure area close to a low pressure area = fast wind.  Big temp differences in the areas will make wind blow fast.

10  An anemometer measures wind speed.  A weather vane or wind vane tells the direction wind is blowing. Wind Continued

11 Review Air Pressure, Moisture and Weather.asf

12 Read About it  Read with a partner about the influences on weather on pages 97-99 in the EOG Science Book  On your own, answer questions 1-4 on pages 99-100.

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