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Briefing on Taiwan: Project Instructions By Doris L. W. Chang 2002/12/26.

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2 Briefing on Taiwan: Project Instructions By Doris L. W. Chang 2002/12/26

3 Steps Audience Analyses Occasion Analyses Research & Bibliography Compilation Speech Proposal Delivery Design Create Visual/Audio Aids Practice Wording Practice Delivery

4 Audience Analyses What do your audience know? What do you know that they don ’ t Audience preference & your interest Narrow down on a workable topic Evaluate Possible Audience response

5 Occasion Analyses In-class Presentation Many other speakers talking about similar topics Equipment in the room (Get the notebook & projector set on the desk before class) Copy Paste PP file on the notebook

6 Research & Bibliography Where to go find English materials Authentic & substantial materials Accurate & idiomatic expressions MLA Format bibliography

7 Speech Proposal State Speech Purpose General/Specific Thesis statement Detail Speech Outline and Planner Examples Informative Speech Outline (Payne 106-9) See workbook Page 22 References

8 Delivery Design 1 Speech Drafts Write a thesis to state the specifics of the speech goal Outline main points according to audience needs Outline main points Create section transitions to serve as guideposts

9 Delivery Design 2 Create an intro. That Gets attention Sets the tone Creates goodwill Builds your credibility Previews the body of your briefing

10 Delivery Design 3 Create a conclusion that Summarizes the material Leaves the speech on a high note Review and complete the speech outline Prepare speaker notes from the outline

11 Create Visual Aids 1 Purpose — to clarify, emphasize, and dramatize verbal information Measure the time needed to set up the aids Calculate when and how to use them E.g. introduction slides to get attention Conclusion slides for review Background music to set the atmosphere

12 Visual Aids 2 — specifics Prepare a PP presentation for your audience to preview Organize pictures, posters, graphs, maps, or aids that help the audience visualize your messages Background music To be played in the beginning or end of your speech, don ’ t play it throughout

13 Practice Wording Prepare a list of key words, check their pronunciation Practice the speech Talk from the outline & notes Talk about the speech, not memorize, until the wording is enthusiastic, emphatic, and appropriate

14 Practice Delivery Practice until the delivery meets the time requirement Sounds enthusiastic Sounds vocally expressive, fluent, spontaneous, and direct Count the time needed for aids Get a classmate to operate the notebook for you if necessary

15 Outline the Main Points Outline the main points as complete sentences that are ClearParallelMeaningful Make the Outline flexible Show parts that can be cut Adjust to audience interests & response Can lead to conclusion as the bell rings

16 In conclusion Follow the stepssteps Sign up on presentation schedule

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