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Job Analysis SOC325 Behavior at Work Feb 4, 2002 Spector, Ch 3.

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1 Job Analysis SOC325 Behavior at Work Feb 4, 2002 Spector, Ch 3

2 2002/2/4J. Kwong2  What did you find about a lecturer?  Tasks / duties  Personal attributes

3 2002/2/4J. Kwong3 Two major approaches  Job-oriented JA  What people do on a job?  List of tasks performed (may be further broken down into different level of specificity)  Person-oriented JA  What kind of a person is needed to do the job?  Personal attributes and characteristics required to successfully perform the job  Knowledge, skill, ability, other personal characteristics (KSAOs)

4 2002/2/4J. Kwong4 Sources of JA information  Who gives the info?  Incumbent / Supervisor  Best as SME - people with extensive knowledge about the content and requirements of the job.  Job analyst / Trained observers  How to collect the info?   Perform the job / work participation   Administer questionnaires

5 2002/2/4J. Kwong5 Job Analysis Instruments  Job-oriented JA  e.g., Functional Job Analysis  Job + Person-oriented JA  e.g., Position Analysis Questionnaire,  Occupational Information Network O*NET

6 2002/2/4J. Kwong6 Job-oriented: FJA  3 dimension that are applicable to all jobs  Describes the job`s typical interaction with  People: amount of contact with others, eg.,  Data: dealing with numbers, words, symbols, any info, e.g.,  Things: Animate (e.g., animals) or inanimate (e.g., tools, machines)  PDT each is given a score to indicate its level of complexity (range from high to low)

7 2002/2/4J. Kwong7 Data, People, Things 0 Synthesizing0 Mentoring0 Setting Up 1 Coordinating1 Negotiating1 Precision Working 2 Analyzing2 Instructing2 Operating-Controlling 3 Compiling3 Supervising3 Driving-Operating 4 Computing4 Diverting4 Manipulating 5 Copying5 Persuading5 Tending 6 Comparing6 Speaking-6 Feeding- Signaling Offbearing 7 Serving7 Handling 8 Taking Instructions- Helping

8 2002/2/4J. Kwong8  Over 40,000 different jobs have been analyzed by FJA  Included in the comprehensive job classification guide DOT - Dictionary of Occupational Titles  Part of the occupational titles  parts.htm parts.htm Job-oriented: FJA

9 2002/2/4J. Kwong9 Job+Person-oriented: PAQ  A structured questionnaire (189 items) that analyzes jobs in terms of 6 categories:  information input: how does employee get information, read, hear,...  mental processes (mediation processes): what to do with information, decision making activities and info processing requirement  work output: what to do physically  relationship with other persons (interpersonal activities): interact with other people  job context: physically challenging conditions  other job characteristics: work schedule, fixed, variable

10 2002/2/4J. Kwong10 Job+Person-oriented: PAQ  SME fills in the PAQ  Score the items  Generate a profile of the task elements  Translate the elements into KSAOs  Each elements in the categories can be translated into KSAOs for any job  e.g., Involves using mathematics or numeric input - require numeric skill

11 2002/2/4J. Kwong11 Job+Person-oriented: O*NET  O*NET, the Occupational Information Network, is a comprehensive database of worker attributes and job characteristics. It is the replacement for the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT).  DOT is in the process of being replaced by O*NET. O*NET can be found at 

12 2002/2/4J. Kwong12 Job evaluation  Spector, p.66-67  Link the wages to the KSAOs needed for a job  Point method - to determine the pay levels of job by estimating their comparative worth  Compensable factors education required consequences of error on the job  Sum up the points for all factors

13 2002/2/4J. Kwong13 Uses of Job Analysis Job Analysis Job Evaluation Criterion Development Job Description Pay Performance Appraisal Career development/Training Employee Selection

14 2002/2/4J. Kwong14 JA - Front desk manager  Task / duties  Motivate and lead subordinate  Planning and organizing  Handle complaints  KSAOs?

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