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EBS Survey Vermont PBS “Bringing out the BEST in all of us.”

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1 EBS Survey Vermont PBS “Bringing out the BEST in all of us.”

2 Effective Behavior Support (EBS) Self-Assessment Survey Purpose:* Assess staff perceptions of PBS practices and systems (school-wide, nonclassroom, classroom, individual student) in place and priority for changes * Design annual action plan Format:Survey Completed by:All staff initially; subsequent years can be al staff, small groups, or the team Manual or on-line scoring, graphing When?Annually, preferably in the spring

3 Data Collection Protocol Should be administered and scored prior to Summer Institute 2008 There after, conducted annually, preferably in spring. Completed by all staff. Use results to design annual action plan.

4 Administration All staff complete the survey independently. Schedule 20-30 minutes to complete the survey. Staff should base their rating on their individual experiences in the school. If they do not work in classrooms, answer questions that are applicable to them.

5 Scoring “What is the current status of this feature (i.e. in place, partially in place, not in place)?” For each feature rated partially in place or not in place, “What is the priority for improvement for this feature (i.e., high, medium, low)?”

6 Summarizing the results



9 Team Activity at The Summer Institute Review your school’s EBS data: at the Summer Institute 2008 What systems appear to be in place? What system(s) are in need of attention and considered “high” priorities by staff?

10 SET

11 School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET) Purpose:Assess evidence of critical features of school- wide PBS implementation; Progress over time; Helps team make data-based decisions on intervention and program efficacy. Format:Interviews with staff, students; observations; review of discipline related documents Completed by: Coaches Manual scoring, graphing When?Before SW implementation, 6-12 weeks after SW implementation, Annually

12 Initial SET To be scheduled between now and the Summer Institute 2008 One implementation coach (BEST Team member) member will administer the SET on site Requires: 30 minute administrator interview 10 random staff interviews (2 minutes each) 15 random student interview (30 seconds each) We will score the SET and provide the data to you at the Summer Institute 2008


14 SET Components Section A: Expectations Defined Section B: Behavioral Expectations Taught Section C: On-Going System for Rewarding Behavioral Expectations Section D System for Responding to Behavioral Violations Section E: Monitoring and Evaluation Section F: Leadership Section G: District Support


16 Goal = 80% Overall Implementation

17 Activity 2b: Data-based Action Planning: at the BEST Summer Institute 2008 Review data from the School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET) for your school SET Scoring Guide and Summary data/graphs distributed by VT PBS External Coach What SW practices appear to be in place? What SW practices that need to be established? Discuss SET summary with your VTPBS External Coach and develop action plan steps (at the Institute)

18 To Do Now! 1. Meet with your implementation coach and schedule your SET between now and the Summer Institute. 2. Team PBS coordinator complete EBS Application (to be distributed) Thank you!

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