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Launch Meeting 26 October 2005 Loughborough University.

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1 Launch Meeting 26 October 2005 Loughborough University

2 Outline Brief introduction to the CLIFFS network Programme for the day Expected outputs

3 Aim of network To stimulate an integrated research response to address the intricately linked problem of forecasting, monitoring, design, management and remediation of climate change induced variations in slope instability

4 Network operation Funded by EPSRC. Meetings and workshops involving academics and industrialists to: Synthesise knowledge Agree a prioritised set of research needs Seek funding Disseminate outcomes

5 Management of network Tom Dijkstra, Jim Chandler and Neil Dixon from the Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University Supported by core members

6 Membership structure Aim is to establish a broad and active multidisciplinary membership representing stakeholders and academics Core members play a role in defining the direction and operation of the network Members have access to all information generated by the network and are eligible to participate in workshops

7 Workshops The network is designed to: share expertise and ideas focus and prioritise research construct appropriate research teams develop proposals for obtaining funding keep stakeholders informed provide a forum for stakeholders to give guidance on priorities

8 Workshops Four themed workshops are planned over the 3 year project period Each will be a two day event Outputs  state-of-the-art reports  strategy statements  best-practice approaches  research teams

9 Workshops Workshop 1 Use of climate change information in slope stability assessments including uncertainty and risk assessment Validation of groundwater models incorporating climate forecast scenarios

10 Workshops Workshop 2 Impact of climate change on the magnitude and frequency of cutting and embankment slope failures Impact of climate change on the magnitude and frequency of first-time failures and re-activated failures in natural slopes, both inland and coastal

11 Workshops Workshop 3 Influence of vegetation on slope stability Monitoring techniques and applications Development of appropriate remediation strategies

12 Workshops Workshop 4 Strategies for presenting and using information on future slope instability including:  landside hazard susceptibility maps  issues of land use/planning and  slope design implications

13 Questionnaire All members are requested to complete and return the questionnaire (see meeting packs) This is to enable members to contribute their views on the challenges and opportunities, and hence help determine key themes

14 Programme for launch meeting Invited presentations on key themes, highlighting main issues of concern, uncertainties and information needs Consultation session on climate change forecast information requirements run by UKCIP/Hadley Centre

15 Expected outputs Development of a slopes/climate community evidenced by increased network membership Identification of main themes and questions for consideration in workshops Contribution to UKCIP consultation on the next generation of climate change forecasts

16 Concluding comments CLIFFS network is a facility for members (e.g. formation of multidisciplinary teams, sharing of information – links to member web sites) It is a tool to help influence decision makers and funders Success will be demonstrated by vitality of the network and generation of funded projects Please Email us your comments and suggestions

17 Email: Web:

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