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BROWNFIELDS The Brownfield Redevelopment Challenge.

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1 BROWNFIELDS The Brownfield Redevelopment Challenge

2 CASE STUDIES Brownfield Redevelopment Washington ’ s Landing Pittsburgh Technology Center Stapleton


4 THE DETAILS 42-acre Herr ’ s Island located on western bank of Allegheny River; 2 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh Once home to a meat-packing facility, saw mills, oil refineries, manufacturing enterprises, and fertilizer works 7 acres remediated of following pollutants: polunuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, elevated TPHs, “ special wastes ” (noxious odors)

5 THE PROCESS Late 70s: City & URA initiate series of planning and site preparation actions 1983: Redevelopment Plan completed; beginning of 8 years of remediation 1984-1986: URA acquires all of the land and demolishes structures; rezoned to Specially Planned District; also constructs new bridge/access ramp and spine road w/ underground utilities 1987: Traffic & housing studies conducted 2000: After 22 years, project is completed

6 THE RESULT $74,876,000 Includes a public investment of $27,138,000 and private investment of $47,738,000 $1.2 million annual tax revenues Mixed use development: 7 acres market rate housing, office/research, light industrial manufacturing, full service marina, rowing center, and public park 1997 Phoenix Award public sector finalist


8 THE DETAILS Built on 48-acre site of former Jones & Laughlin Hot Mill, between 2 nd Avenue and Mon River Project was instrumental in helping to establish risk-based remediation standards and redevelopment methods 7 acres remediated of following pollutants: ferrous cyanide, tar pits, 420,000 gallons of oil water, and 2000 gallons of waste oil State-of-the-art riverfront office park and regional center for research & development

9 THE PROCESS 1983: URA purchases site 1984: ULI evaluates site, its market potential, and overall development strategy 1993: Pitt ’ s Center for Biotechnology & Bioengineering is completed 1995: Completion of Carnegie Mellon Research Institute, Union Switch & Signal, and 5-level parking garage (TIF) 1996: Construction of public open spaces 2000: Monongahela Connecting Bridge opens to vehicular traffic

10 THE RESULT $129,000,000 Includes public investment of $ $25,000,000 and private investment of $104,000,000 Higher than anticipated tax revenues allows URA to repay TIF bonds 12 years early; $1+ million annual tax revenues Nationally recognized example of brownfield reclamation and first project in Pennsylvania to use tax increment financing 1999 Phoenix Award winner


12 THE DETAILS Former 4700-acre Stapleton Inter- national Airport Largest redevelopment project in the United States – 25-year plan Set of principles to guide the design – “ Green Book ” Sustainable efforts include: 1100 acres of recycled runway for roads/sidewalks; recycling of buildings for reuse; 50% of concrete, rebar, and sheet metal from demolished terminals was recycled

13 THE PROCESS 1989: Denver voters endorse plan to build new Denver International Airport 1990: Stapleton Redevelopment Foundation is created 1991: City Council adopts Stapleton Tomorrow Concept Plan as part of Denver Comprehensive Plan 1995: Stapleton International Airport closes; “ The Green Book ” is produced 1998: Forest City selected as Stapleton ’ s master developer

14 THE PROCESS (continued) 2002: First residents move into their new homes 2003: Grocery store and first two elementary schools open 2004: Town Center Apartment is completed; Stapleton becomes home to 2500 residents 2005: Denver School of Science & Technology and first stores at Northfield open their doors

15 THE RESULT $4 billion New community complete with retail, commercial, schools, and open space facilities 1116-acre regional park system w/ an 80- acre Central Park scheduled for completion in 2006 Largest ‘ Built Green ’ community in Colorado

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