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1 MAIS Student Administration Advisory Group and Central Office Upgrade Planning Group SAAG Meeting #33 April 4, 2007.

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1 1 MAIS Student Administration Advisory Group and Central Office Upgrade Planning Group SAAG Meeting #33 April 4, 2007

2 2 Agenda PeopleSoft Campus Solutions V9 (HRMS & SA) Upgrade V9 Student Center Demo - Overview

3 3 Why Upgrade? Support for V8 SP1 ends August 2008 Michigan skipped release 8.9 Only supported versions provide regulatory and tax updates Opportunity to maximize cost of ownership by using more delivered functionality (with and after upgrade) Provides path to Fusion

4 4 V9 Overview Continues to be web-based Uses the same PeopleTools platform (8.48) as Financials Provides folder/hierarchy navigation, favorites and other usability enhancements Expands the “virtual campus” via the Student and Faculty Centers V8.9 and V9 functionally rich – many Michigan mods now in base product

5 5 Upgrade Timeline Go Live targeted for June 2008 Date based on prior business cycle discussions, last upgrade “lessons learned” Little room for slippage because of support issues Review of “vanilla” application beginning now for fit/gap analysis Soft and hard freeze dates TBD

6 6 Upgrade Phases Upgrade Manager: Lisa Poulson Requirements, Fit/Gap (3/07-8/07). Lead: Karen Kuffner Design (4/07-9/07). Lead: Mark Nelson Development (7/07-3/08). Lead: David Jamison System Test (12/07-05/08). Lead: Elaine Nowak

7 7 Upgrade Impact Upgrades necessitate reallocation of MAIS staff resources, reducing availability for: Production support Consulting Product Strategy Non-mission critical work effort

8 8 Help Needed from Central Offices Minimize production support requests4/07-8/08 Requirements review and confirmation3/07-8/07 Identification of business process changes in office if necessary 3/07-8/07 Design review and confirmation4/07-9/07 Testing12/07-5/08 Participation in SAAG and Central Office Upgrade Planning Group for advice on upgrade issues and rollout strategies 4/07-8/08

9 9 New Functionality: X-SA Student Center Faculty Center Population Selection XML Publisher Navigation and organization usability improvements

10 10 Campus Community Improvements across HRMS and SA for Personal Data management Flexible Search/Match Setup Population Selection Ability to assign 3Cs, place/release Service Indicators, Student Groups and more Assignment by PS Query, flat file load, or Equation Engine

11 11 Campus Community Communication Generation CC Letter Gen remains the same New Comm Gen offers more configurability Supports letters and system-generated e-mail

12 12 Recruiting and Admissions Test Score Load and Suspense Page redesign Test Score security Prospect Create (from test score loads) Education Component redesign

13 13 Recruiting and Admissions Academic Program/Plan/Subplan Deactivation control Prospect Delete Process redesign Application Delete Process redesign

14 14 SRCAA Student Center & Faculty Center provide single entry points with cohesive navigation Configurability in Student Center, Enrollment, and Class Search

15 15 SRCAA For faculty: Student photos on rosters Restricted grade values Ability to view final exam schedules

16 16 SRCAA For students: My Academic Requirements My Planner Shopping Cart (Backpack equivalent) Enrollment Validation feature Additional class search options

17 17 SRCAA Transcripts Flexible transcripts using XML Publisher Transcript production can use Population Selection Degree Audit Report revisable

18 18 SRCAA Appointments process redesigned Class Permissions process redesigned Student Group security and usability Term History Statistics redesigned

19 19 Student Financial Services Satisfactory Academic Progress Equation Engine for Packaging, Tuition Calculation, Population Selection, etc. Late Fees SF Student Center: payment plan enrollment, epayment, optional fees, invoicing, and more

20 20 Student Financial Services FA Awarding with NSLDS Data ePerkins Loan/MPN Self Service 1098T with eConsent FA External Awards Batch Processing Repackaging ACG/SMART Selection and Monitoring

21 21 V9 Student Center Demo

22 22 V9 Wrap Up Questions?

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