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Quantitative Methods II Instructor: Michael Moore.

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1 Quantitative Methods II Instructor: Michael Moore

2 Course Overview Quantitative Methods II Psychology 31684 Section 001 Call # 15511 Spring 2006 Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 12:05 pm - 12:55 pm Kent Hall Addition, Room 101 Instructor: Michael Moore Office: Kent Hall (not the Addition), Room 267 E-mail: E-mail is probably the single best way to reach me, as I tend to check it obsessively. However, for other than the most simple questions about course mechanics, etc. it is better to catch me during Office Hours than my having to compose a dissertation-length e-mail reply. Office Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays 12:55 pm – 1:55 pm Also by appointment. These office hours are preliminary and may need to be changed. Any changes will be announced in class.

3 Course Overview Voicemail: 330.672.7915 Web Page:

4 Course Overview

5 Class Attendance and Participation: – Not mandatory but strongly recommended – Statistics can easily get away from you if you aren’t careful Atmosphere of open communication between student and teacher essential: – Dialogue necessary for me to tailor this class to your particular needs – I cannot address concerns you may have if I am unaware of them Quant II = Statistical & Grad School Prep – I’m open to discussing grad school prep both in office hours and during class

6 Class Overview Homework: – Based on material in SPSS computer labs – Cumulatively worth 25% of your grade – Due at the beginning of class on the due date – no late homework will be accepted – Graded on a 0 to 1 scale – Collaboration is OK, plagiarism is not and will result in a 0, as well as poor exam performance

7 Course Overview Examinations: – 3 take-home exams worth 25% of your grade each – Mixture of multiple choice and statistical problems – Showing work means printing out all SPSS output – Exams not explicitly cumulative, but material naturally builds upon itself

8 Course Overview Make-Up Exams: Make-up exams will be given only in emergency situations and with adequate documentation (e.g., a written note from a physician). If a student is unable to take an exam on the scheduled date because of an emergency, the student must notify the instructor in advance, or as soon as circumstances would possibly allow. The instructor reserves the right to determine the adequacy of the emergency and associated documentation prior to granting students permission to take make-up exams. You are responsible for contacting me in order to make arrangements for a make-up exam. If an exam is missed and no make-up exam is taken, a zero will be given for that exam. Final Grade: Your grade for the course will be computed as follows: Exam 1 25% Exam 2 25% Final Exam 25% Homework 25%

9 Course Overview Academic Dishonesty: – You can pass my class without cheating, with ease, if you keep up with the work – Not worth ruining your potential grad school career Students with Disabilities: – If you have a documented disability and require accommodations, please contact me at the beginning of the semester. – You must first verify your eligibility for these through Student Accessibility Services. You can contact them by calling 330-672-3391, visit their offices in the Michael Schwartz Center, Room 181, or visit for more information on registration procedures.

10 Course Overview Lecture and Reading Outline: This following outline serves as a tentative guide since dates for particular lecture topics can only be approximate and because material may be added or deleted as necessary. Again, listed exam dates are only approximate and may be subject to change. If changes to exam dates are made, they will be announced in class as soon as possible, but in any case at least a week prior to the exam date. Course Outline Classes in red are held in the computer lab, Kent Hall, Rm. 066 Date Topic Text Chapter W 1/17Course OverviewNone F 1/19Basic Concepts/Central TendencyH Ch. 1 & 2 M 1/22Measures of Central Tendency/VariabilityH Ch. 2 W 1/24The Normal DistributionH Ch. 3 F 1/26Sampling DistributionsH Ch. 4 M 1/29Sampling Distributions/Hypothesis TestingH Ch. 4 W 1/31Hypothesis TestingH Ch. 4 F 2/2Intro. To SPSS (Descriptive Statistics)G&S Units 1-3, 5 M 2/5One-Sample T-TestsH Ch. 7 W 2/7Matched Sample T-TestsH Ch. 7 F 2/9Matched Sample T-TestsH Ch. 7 HW #1 DUE W 2/21EXAM #1 – NO CLASS

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