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EARTO Horizon2020 Task Force 28 th September 2011 ACC1Ó Office, Brussels.

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1 EARTO Horizon2020 Task Force 28 th September 2011 ACC1Ó Office, Brussels

2 Agenda EC draft legislative decision on Horizon 2020 EC draft proposed rules for participation (funding models, IPR) Multi Annual Financial Framework 2014-2020 EP report on the CSFRI Green Paper (by Marisa Matias) IMI grant agreement changes Commission Communication on Partnering in Research and Innovation A.O.B. Next meeting?

3 EC Draft Texts Horizon 2020 Draft Decision Draft Regulation: Rules for Participation and Dissemination Related impact assessments (Commission staff working papers) _________________________________________________ Meetings: EARTO, EUA, LERU with DG R&I (July 22nd, Sept. 5th, Oct. 3rd) Problem of squaring simplification and targeting Inter-service consultation: starts September 26th

4 EC Draft Decision - Horizon 2020 Three pillars: –Tackling Societal Challenges Health, demographic changes and well-being Food security and bio-based economy Secure, clean and efficient energy Smart, green and integrated transport Resource efficiency and climate Inclusive, innovative and secure societies –Creating Industrial Leadership and Competitive Frameworks Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies –ICT –Nanotechnology, production, materials –Biotechnology –Space –Raising Excellence in the Science Base European Research Council Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Marie Curie European Research Infrastructures EIT JRC

5 EC Draft Decision - Horizon 2020 JTIs – old and new (Art. 187) plus “bodies governed by private law of a MS, entrusted with the implementation of a public private partnership …” (Draft article 13/3) Public public partnerships: Art. 185, ERA-NETs Single set of funding schemes, except for JRC and EIT (Annex III)

6 EC Draft Regulation - Horizon 2020 Rules for Participation and Dissemination Average personnel costs Productive hours = 1680 per annum (ca. 210 days) – or at least 90% of annual working time Direct costs: 75% of eligible personnel plus other direct costs, for all beneficiaries (companies, universities, RTOs, etc.) Indirect costs: flat rate = 75% of eligible personnel costs ERC indirect costs = 25% of eligible personnel costs Indirect costs in support actions = 7% of eligible personnel costs Uniform rate of 75% or differentiated rates (e.g. 75% for research, 50% for demonstration... – no mention of possibility of 100% for management) Audit certificates per tranche of €200,000 (no longer €375,000) IPR rules broadly similar to FP7 –Specific provision for open access to published research results –Access rights, royalty-free, for EU and MS in “Secure Societies”

7 Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2014-2020 EC Proposal Total budget proposed (2014-2020): €1.025 billion Horizon 2020: €80 billion, which includes: the Framework Programme (currently €50.5 billion) parts of the CIP (currently €3.6 billion) and the EIT (currently 309 million, has asked for €4billion) Outside the MFF (currently from the FP7 budget): ITER: €2.7 billion GMES: €5.8 billion

8 Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2014-2020 EC Proposal

9 EP Draft Report on the CSF (Horizon 2020) by Marisa Matias MEP Double research budget for next MFF New funding instrument: EU-SME Bank More trust-based and risk-tolerant approach for funding Better articulation between local, regional, national and European R&I strategies Reinforce researchers’ mobility

10 Matias Report: Approved Amendments Double the R&I budget, excluding the budget devoted to R&D&I within the Structural Funds and the EIB Increased tolerable risk of error rate, broad acceptance of usual accounting methods, use of lump sums and flat rates (on a voluntary basis), significant reduction of reporting, strong IPR regulatory framework MS should be more engaged in Joint Programming measures Participation of SMEs in R&D&I collaborative projects should reach 15%

11 « SME Bank » replaced by «EU SME Programme», conceived as a specialized branch of the EIB (fully devoted to SME innovation projects) KICs with more narrowed focus, more concentrated network and reduced budget Creation of an « all-European fund» financed by the Structural Funds to promote collaborative European research Creation of an additional research budget for « excellent » non-selected project proposals (with the involvement of EC, MS and regional and Structural Funds). Matias Report: Approved Amendments

12 Changes in IMI JTI Funding Model Article in Nature Biotechnology magazine Letter from the IMI Governing Board: Reimbursement of indirect costs (as an alternative to the 20% cap)

13 EC Communication on Partnering in Research and Innovation Adopted on 21st September Defines a common approach to different types of partnerships in R&D (PPPs, JTIs, P2Ps, Joint Programming)

14 A.O.B. Next meeting?

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