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CRESMET October 24, 2006. BRINGING Engineering & Science HOME.

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1 CRESMET October 24, 2006

2 BRINGING Engineering & Science HOME

3 LEAP AHEAD Technology companies in Arizona need students educated in Math & Science

4 Engineering Employment (% of the workforce are Eng. Jobs) Source: National Science Foundation 2003

5 Occupations with the “Most Prestige” Scientist52% Doctor52% Firefighter48% Teacher48% Military officer47% Nurse44% Police officer40% Priest/minister/clergy32% Member of Congress31% Engineer29% Athlete21% Architect20% Business executive19% Lawyer17% Entertainer16% Union leader16% Actor16% Banker15% Journalist14% Accountant10% Stockbroker10% Real estate broker/agent5% Source: Harris Poll of 1,012 adults conducted Aug. 10-15, 2004. USA Today Nationally – Engineers and Scientists are in the top 10 “prestigious occupations”

6 Career Choices for High School Students National Center for Career and College Admissions – AZ students 2006 High School Kids in Arizona have engineering as a top 4 choice – Student interest is there!

7 Engineering Salaries * At least 5 years experience sp 2004 survey

8 Education level & Salaries salary by education level: Advanced Technical Degrees do matter …..but it is nice to see data that confirms it!

9 The Need is Real and the World is Passing Us By……. Craig Barrett, the Chairman of Intel, noted that Intel sponsors an international science competition every year. One year it attracted some 50,000 American high school kids. "I was in China 10 days ago," Mr. Barrett said, "and I asked them how many kids in China participated in the local science fairs that feed into the national fair [and ultimately the Intel finals]. They told me six million kids." ( IN ARIZONA WITH ALL OF OUR REGIONAL FAIRS WE HAVE ABOUT 3,000 ENTRANTS, NATIONWIDE it is about 50,000) Craig also said: “And you don't have to look very far in the United States to see the elements of the problem. If you look at what's happening, starting really at the top, look at what's happening in our graduate schools. In Physical Sciences, more than half the graduate students are foreign nationals. It's not because they are taking places of U.S. students who are interested. It's because there are no U.S. students who are interested in going after those advanced degrees. If you look across the board at the number of engineers, we graduate 5 percent of the college graduates in the U.S. today with engineering degrees. If you go Russia, Germany, it's 33 percent. If you go to China, it's 50 percent of the college graduates have engineering degrees. That has to be a sign that there is a problem.”

10 Collectively as members of Industry, Educators & Government, we can and must have an impact on our children, grandchildren and students We owe it to our Families & Arizona to Leap Ahead! We must inspire our students to excel and move forward in Math and Science Education to build the base for Success!

11 BRINGING Engineering & Science to Arizona HOME to Arizona

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