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Overheads Television and Violence Carolyn R. Fallahi, Ph. D.

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1 Overheads Television and Violence Carolyn R. Fallahi, Ph. D.

2 The History Most researchers agree: Severe aggression and violent behavior does not occur because of one factor. Many factors predispose aggressive behavior.

3 What sort of factors? Neurophysiological abnormalities Poor peer relations Poor child rearing SES Drug and Alcohol Abuse Attitudes and beliefs supporting aggression

4 Research on Media Violence Research is clear: exposing a child to media violence is one such long-term and short-term predisposing factor.

5 Theory Imitation (Bandura’s research) Modeling Social scripts Schemas Belief System Attributions

6 Desensitization Theory What happens when we view violence over and over?

7 Another Theory Aggressive children enjoy a violent environment.

8 The third variable theory Personal characteristics of the child. SES IQ Early parenting factors

9 The role of priming and arousal. Priming General arousal Research that supports this theory. Walder (1972). 22 year follow-up of this study.

10 Huesmann et. al. (1977) Three year longitudinal study in five countries. Replicated for boys and girls in countries without violent programming: Israel, Finland, and Poland.

11 Differences among countries. Finland Australia Israel

12 Correlational studies Past several decades worth of research Long-term effects of aggression in teen years. Less strongly into adulthood. Effects found for boys.

13 Huesmann study Follow-up of 1977 longitudinal data of 557 children growing up in Chicago area. Follow-up 15 years later. Question: How does early childhood exposure to media violence predict young-adult aggression and violence?

14 Results 329 youths 15 – year longitudinal study TV violence viewing between ages 6 and 9 Sex differences Significantly more aggressive as adults

15 What else? Antisocial and violent behaviors Not just because of low SES What else? Implications.

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