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Aspirations for Australia’s Cities

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1 Aspirations for Australia’s Cities
Developing and using indicator frameworks Alice Thompson Director National Urban Policy Major Cities Unit ABS Community Indicators July 2009

2 Outline National context Government initiatives
Transforming our cities Indicator frameworks - key issues Discussion

3 National context National leadership in urban systems: a policy vacuum
Under-investment in infrastructure nationally Calls for investment in our cities and improved governance arrangements

4 Government Initiatives
Establishment of: Building Australia Fund Infrastructure Australia Advisory Council Office of Infrastructure Coordinator Major Cities Unit

5 Transforming our Cities
Major Cities Unit Co-located with Infrastructure Australia Small team of four - leverage Based in Sydney CBD Prime Ministers priorities

6 A National Urban Policy
A long-term strategic framework for the sustainable development of our cities Vision: Through good governance, our cities are productive, liveable and sustainable Articulate outcomes, responsibilities, strategies and actions of governments, the private sector and the community required to transform our urban systems

7 National Urban Policy - framework
Where are our cities now? Where are we going? Where do we want to be? How do we get there? How are we going?

8 Themes of a National Urban Policy
Population growth and demographic change Economy, productivity and innovation The pattern of urban settlement Transport and infrastructure Housing and living affordability Health and liveability Climate change, water and environment Governance

9 Developing an indicator framework
Scope? Be clear on the purpose – descriptive vs analytical Limit to indicators that tell us the most Shared vision? Universal objectives, local approaches Link between investment decisions and outcomes? Awareness and alignment Clear connection of actions to outcomes in proposals Monitoring? Focus on measuring performance of specific strategies and interventions Regular reporting

10 Discussion

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