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Making a good technical presentation

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1 Making a good technical presentation

2 Outline Opening remarks Presentation organization Visual aids Timing

3 Opening remarks Many scientists give poor presentations
First, determine ideas you want to convey Time is generally short so you must be efficient Audience background? Speak clearly and directly Presentation as performance Limit jokes, side comments, “ums”, “ahs”, and “OK’s” Look at the audience Rehearse!

4 Organization Begin with an outline Provide motivation for topic
Summarize experimental approach Present results Discuss results and their implications Summarize

5 Visual aids - I Text 36 Text 28 Minimize text Keep text legible
< 8 bullets per page No long sentences Keep text legible > 20 pt desirable Dark text on light background or reverse Limit animation Use tables sparingly and keep them simple Text 36 Text 28 Text 24 Text 20 Text 16 Text 12 Text 10

6 Visual aids - II Figure guidelines Explain your figures
Simpler is better Keep text legible Choose strongly contrasting colors Include error info Don’t use Excel defaults! Explain your figures Limit number of figures

7 Timing Time allotted for presentation and questions
AT560: minutes Allow ~ minutes per slide Allocate time in proportion to topic’s importance Rehearse at least twice for timing Simplify or remove slides to adjust timing Sleep on it

8 Summary Remind audience of important findings and their implications
Use brief bulleted points Point out next steps (if appropriate) Acknowledge assistance (if not done earlier)

9 AT560 presentations 20-25 minute presentations (+ questions)
Major basis for project grade Content Style and clarity Timing Monday: Rena and Brian Wednesday: Everyone else

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