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Lecture 1: Course Details Outline –Discussion of Syllabus.

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1 Lecture 1: Course Details Outline –Discussion of Syllabus

2 Syllabus Me: Prof. Gabriele Varani 63 Bagley office hours: MW 10-10:30 TAs: Eswarand Venkatasubramanian and Mahmoud Al-Shaer office hours: check syllabus/announcement

3 Lectures: M, Tu, W, F 10:50 am Bagley 131 Web address: ses.html

4 What is Chem 152? Second course in the intro. chemistry series. Topics Covered: –C h. 9: Thermodynamics I –Ch. 10: Thermodynamics II –Ch. 11: Electrochemistry –Ch. 12: Quantum Mechanics –Ch. 13: Chemical Bond Exam 1 Exam 2

5 What is expected of you Must have at least 1.7 from Chem 142 Three components: –Lecture (M, W, Th, F) –Laboratory (T) –Quiz Section (Th)

6 What is expected of me Prof. Varani is responsible for lectures, exams, and quiz sections. Laboratories? Prof. Varani and Dr. Yerian Problems? See “What Do I Do If” flowchart in syllabus.

7 Grading What materials are being graded? Two midterms One comprehensive two-parts final Homework sets (9) Quizzes (9, but the lowest score is dropped) Laboratory write-ups

8 Grading (cont.) What is the grade distribution? Mean 2.6 ± 0.2. 700 points total; all points are equivalent. I have no idea how many points will yield a grade at the mean Must pass the laboratory to pass course.

9 Midterm Dates Midterms: –Wednesday, July 16 @ 10:50 –Wednesday, August 6 @ 10:50 Final –Thursday, August 21 @ 10:50 – Friday, August 22 @ 10:50 I’ll provide a sheet with relevant equations; no “cheat sheets” allowed

10 Homework To be completed on WebAssign Keys will be posted You will get multiple submissions….last submission is the one that is graded. All homework assignments will count (no drops)

11 Quizzes On material that has been covered in lecture. Keys will not be posted. We will drop the lowest quiz grade. No make up quizzes (unless excused absence, then will prorate quiz scores to construct a score).

12 Final Two parts final; part 1, Ch 12-13 part 2, Comprehensive No make-up final If you are too sick to take the final, secure documentation for your illness and do not take the final. An incomplete will be given if you are passing the course to that point (with approval of excuse).

13 Other Policies No late work accepted without documentation. No make up exams without documentation. Lecture are posted on the course web site. However, attendance at lecture is highly recommended Pay particular attention to re-grade policy in syllabus; there are no exceptions to this policy.

14 How Am I Going to Get Through This Attend lecture Seek help –TA and Prof. office hours. –Study center (3rd floor of Bagley) –Other students in course Practice working problems until you can stand it no more!

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