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Expression of Interest UNICA Science Parks and Incubator Network.

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1 Expression of Interest UNICA Science Parks and Incubator Network.

2 Main participants  Belgium, Université Libre de Bruxelles  Belgium, Vrije Universiteit Brussel  Estonia, Tallin Technical University  Finland, University of Helsinki  The Netherlands, University of Amsterdam  Iceland, University of Iceland  Ireland, University College Dublin  Spain, Universidad Autόnoma de Madrid  Spain, Universidad Complutense de Madrid  Cyprus, University of Cyprus

3 Background of the Proposed Work  To develop commercially new ideas and scientific results for societal gain through economic development.  “knowledge-based economy” has changed the traditional educational role of Universities to become centres for social and economic development.  To successfully meet these new expectations Universities must first adjust their educational and research systems and programmes to be compatible with this role, and then develop mechanisms and opportunities for commercialisation of the intellectual property

4 Background of the Proposed Work  An effective way to achieve the later is to create Business Incubators within the University premises and to help create Technology and Science Parks  However, the effective management of intellectual property and innovation and the legal, operational and scientific framework of operating such Incubators and Science Parks is quite complex and significant research and collaboration among Universities from the capital cities of Europe is required

5 Background of the Proposed Work  Lack of investor funding is also a main barrier for commercialisation of technology particularly through technology-based start up companies  To overcome such financial barriers, universities are building alliances with potential investors and raise funds in the form of Seed Capital Funds (i.e. Madrid Science Park and NOVA at University College Dublin)  Fund managers, business angel firms and other potential investors usually look for co-funding proposals to either lower the risks or to expand investment horizons to other sectors and countries

6 Background of the Proposed Work  Technology Transfer Offices and other similar organizations are required to provide the support necessary to advise and assist the promoters of new ventures at this critical stage in their development  A European network among Universities and R&D centres for the promotion of spin-off business units may prove an invaluable tool to bring European R&D results into the market

7 Aim of the proposed Network of Excellence To establish a network among European Universities to promote the creation of, and operation of University-based HighTechnology Business Incubators and Science andTechnology Parks

8 Aim of the proposed Network of Excellence The network will help in : a.harnessing the educational system for the creation of knowledge-intensive business based on university research and other activities b.the exchange of "best practices" in approaches to the management of innovation and technology transfer and the operation of High Technology Business Incubators and Science and Technology Parks c.the sharing of experience, expertise and other resources d.the increased access to investor funding to support the creation of new High Technology Business in Europe

9 Contribution to European Research Area  Commercialisation of European Research will provide a focus for the research in technologies that benefit European economy and society directly  It will help improve competition in research, and it will result in a dynamic research community  Help towards the need for significant research in the ways to optimize the commercialization of academic intellectual output and its application to social and economic development

10 Activities to Achieve the Proposed Objectives  Promote research and discussion at the educational level on ways to harness the educational and research system for the generation of new knowledge-intensive business opportunities in keeping with the new role of European Universities  Promote exchange of best practice between universities in the effective management and promotion of intellectual property and innovation

11 Activities to Achieve the Proposed Objectives  Develop and exchange of good practices for funding academic spin off companies: design of seed capital fund and business angel networks, fund raising, management team etc.  Establish a pool of experts for the diffusion of good practices among the European academic community  Design and implementation of protocols to gather and diffuse investment proposals among participants in the network

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