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Presentation skills Preparing effective presentations.

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1 Presentation skills Preparing effective presentations

2 Effective communication 1 Have clear, specific objectives Make your “concept” crystal clear Know the audience’s present concept Make your presentation worthwhile Choose an approach that will work Use a variety of media

3 Effective communication 2 Get your audience involved early Work for feedback while speaking Anticipate distractions make the talk structure explicit focus attention on key points summarize points often avoid mannerisms

4 Audience-centred speaking Motivate them to listen Make the talk easy to follow Be enthusiastic Don’t waste opportunities

5 Be enthusiastic Speak loud and clear Maintain eye contact with audience Stand tall Use your body Vary rate, tone, pitch and volume Be yourself

6 How to obtain participation Ask open questions Pause after asking questions Congratulate responders Use people’s exact words Mention people’s names Give short exercises Use sub-groups for discussion

7 Gesturing 1 Use gestures to move body Gesture with important points Use gesture to focus not distract Keep gestures broad and flowing Try two-handed gesture for special effect

8 Gesturing 2 Hands in front at all times Gesture in upper quadrants Don’t cross quadrants Don’t point at people Don’t straighten your elbows

9 Visual aids: when to use? To convey information To reinforce the spoken word To provide background information

10 Using the overhead projector

11 Using the flipchart

12 Using the slide projector

13 Preparing power point presentation only key words prepare hand-out choose appropriate background make a pre-test not too long

14 Using yourself as a visual aid Dress comfortably but neat Stand “At ease” Arms open, not folded Don’t fidget with things Move with purpose Keep your eyes on the audience

15 Structuring the presentation

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