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Coaching Vs. Power --The helping Hand.

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1 Coaching Vs. Power --The helping Hand

2 What is coaching? -- Coaching enables people to: Perform a new task
Improve performance Develop a skill Solve a problem Build confidence

3 Key Skills for Coaching
Listening actively Asking questions Making suggestions Giving feedbacks

4 Coaching Structure Agree topic Identify the goals Promote discovery
Set the parameters Authorise and empower Recap

5 How leaders use/apply power? (1)
Traditional Power is a zero-sum game The less power subordinates have, the more you can get them to do what you want Empowering Power is an expandable pie Keeping people powerless fosters dependence and limits risk taking

6 How leaders use/apply power? (2)
Traditional I lose power by giving it People would abuse power and take advantage of the organization Empowering I gain power by giving it The more people feel power, the greater their satisfaction and the higher their performance From the leader’s career development perspective… More strategic behaviors they are engaged in.

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