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2 An Effective Presentation Should:
Convey the Message to the Listener Capture the Listener’s Attention Be Well-Organized Use Visual Aids

3 Aspects of an Effective Presentation
Prepare material ahead of time Practice, Practice, Practice! Interact with audience Be familiar with presentation room Take advantage of multimedia

4 Capturing The Attention of The Audience
Start out (carefully) with an “icebreaker” or anecdote Use gestures and movement Make eye contact!! Use spontaneous expressiveness Use vocal variety Keep presentation progressing Show enthusiasm and confidence

5 Audience Attentions People usually listen in the beginning and in the end Attention Span  10 min.

6 Audience Attention (cont.)

7 Speaking Avoid words such as “uh,” “umm,” and “you know” and slang terms Speak slowly and enunciate Don’t read from notes or slides Rehearse, and… Have someone else listen and inform you each time you do something undesirable

8 Presentation Organization
Select an Organization Pattern i.e.: Cause and Effect, Problem and Solution, etc. Include Opening, Body and Closing Use Logical Order

9 Dos Practice before the presentation Make eye contact
Speak loudly, clearly, and project your voice: be confident Keep it simple, logical Use graphs, pictures, movies when appropriate Keep audience interest; pay attention to audience response Thank audience at end

10 Don’t Arrive late or exceed time limit
Put too much on a chart or have too many charts Read from notes or from screen Have typos or grammar errors Use distracting graphics or animations Face only the screen or talk to the floor Keep hands/ jingle objects in pockets Use a monotone voice Tell jokes (unless you’re SURE of your audience)

11 Details of Text Slides Use the “6-6” (or “7-7”) rule
No more than six or seven bullets No more than six or seven words each NO LESS than 20-point font Use black letters on white (boring but accepted) or light letters & dark background Font: light colored, straight and thick (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, etc.) These are not hard rules, but guidelines

12 A Successful Presentation Appearance

13 Number of Slides Rule of thumb: allow about one minute per slide
Less time if photos or sequences For a 20 minute presentation, approximately 20 slides, etc. May be “violated” for progress slides, summary charts, etc.

14 Graphics Make text large enough to be visible at back of room
Make sure text is a color easily viewed Pictures are worth more than words Express relations with charts Use clip art when appropriate

15 Appearance and Visual Aids
Dress appropriately (don’t over- or under-dress, but over- is better) Use figures, graphs to enhance presentation Get to the presentation room early, and preview your slides on the actual computer & projector to be used (sometimes colors and contrast are not what you expect!)

16 THANK YOU. (Thank your audience for listening when you are done
THANK YOU!!! (Thank your audience for listening when you are done. Ask for questions.)

17 References How to Give a Talk How to Give a Presentation
By Paul Edwards of Univ. of Michigan How to Give a Presentation By Kevin Boone of Web Tomorrow How to Give a Successful Oral Presentation


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