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The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education

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1 The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education

2 Research resources in the higher education system The major part of government-financed research takes place at Sweden’s universities, higher education institutions and university colleges. All universities and university colleges have permanent research resources, of various size. University colleges concentrate their task on higher education, but may also have research resources in one scientific area.

3 International research collaboration The Swedish research community has extensive international contacts. The most common form of international collaboration is individual researchers or research teams pursuing joint projects with colleagues in other countries. Sweden has also long participated in several international research organisations. Participation in EU programmes.

4 The role of STINT Internationalisation and renewal Establish new and widened international cooperation Networks for Swedish academia Renew and strengthen Swedish research and higher education Have an effect on whole departments and institutions

5 Bilateral cooperation Taiwan-Sweden Since 1996 STINT has financed a small number of long term cooperation between research groups mainly in the natural sciences. A growing interest for new contacts. Short term exploratory visits from Sweden to Taiwan Technology and natural sciences; physics, nano science, chemistry, IT and communication, humanities and social sciences; economy.

6 Swedish institutions of interest Chalmers University of Technology Lund University, Department of Physics KTH and Stockholm University; Department of Physics at AlbaNova University Center, The House of Science, a joint effort by the two universities. Dept for IT and communication Uppsala University, Department of Physics Linköping University, IFM, Department of Physics and Measurement Technology

7 Swedish institutions of interest Karolinska Institutet, KI Department of Biosciences Göteborg University, School of Global Studies (including a Centre for Asian Studies) Stockholm School of Economics – EIJS a major centre for research on the economies and societies of Japan and East Asia

8 Mechanisms to cultivate young researchers to gain international experience In 2004 - A national evaluation of the internationalisation work of higher education in Sweden. Discussions with all universities. Expose young PhD-students to spend at least one short visit abroad. Priority is given to short periods. The research foundations play an important role.

9 Foreign students and the future In 2005 a Government Commission If and how tuition fees shall be charged in Sweden in the future, from foreign students from outside the European Union A proposal in January 2006


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