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Psychoanalytic Approaches to Literature

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1 Psychoanalytic Approaches to Literature
Structure of the Mind, Child Development & Oedipus Complex Dream and Sexual Symbols Psychological Diseases

2 Psychological problems
Undue repression of our desires Conflict in our psyche between ego and id Defense Mechanisms Breakup: Psychosis Neurosis-- symptoms which at once protect against the unconscious desire and covertly express it. e.g. compulsive smoking

3 Neuroses 1. as a Disorder: Neuroses are characterized by such symptoms as anxiety, insecurity, depression, and unreasonable fears. Neurotic disorders seldom disable a person totally. Individuals who have a neurotic disorder recognize the symptoms as unacceptable and strange. a psychological mechanism: the process begins with an unconscious conflict between opposing desires or between a desire and a prohibition.

4 Psychosis The link between the ego and the external world is ruptured, and the unconscious begins to build up an alternative, delusional reality

5 Problems caused in different stages: Fixation & regression
A. Orals - have problems with dependency needs B. Anals - have problems with aggression - either overcontrol or undercontrol. C. Phallics - have problems with sex & sexual identity

6 Possible applications of Psychoanalysis
journey to the unconscious: studying the unconscious motives of the author, or the characters. Oedipus complex, Oedipus drama in a family Dream analysis or analysis of sexual symbols Defense mechanisms, or psychological diseases

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