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Tri County Economic Forecast 2007 BMU January 11, 2007.

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1 Tri County Economic Forecast 2007 BMU January 11, 2007

2 Outline Historic Economic Performance Economic Outlook 2007 A look at factors affecting Tri-County Regional Growth

3 Population Density, 2004

4 Tri-County Total Population

5 Tri-County Net Population Change

6 Butte County Components of Change

7 Glenn County Components of Change

8 Tehama County Components of Change

9 Tri-County Population Growth Conclusions Net migration drives growth In-migration is starting to decline driven by –Bay area jobs recovery –Delayed migration of retirees & urban refugees Housing prices affecting location w/in Tri-County

10 Median Age, 2004

11 Tri-County Median Age

12 Tri-County Labor Force 2004

13 Unemployment, 2004

14 Tri-County Unemployment Rate

15 Butte County Employment

16 Butte County Goods-Producing Employment

17 Butte County Service Employment

18 Glenn County Employment

19 Glenn County Goods-Producing Employment

20 Glenn County Service Employment

21 Tehama County Employment

22 Tehama County Goods-Producing Employment

23 Tehama County Service Employment

24 Tri-County Retail Spending

25 Retail Trade Growth

26 Retail Trade by Sector

27 Mean Travel Time to Work

28 Poverty

29 Families below Poverty, 2004

30 Individuals in Poverty

31 Families in Poverty

32 Tri-County Agriculture Production

33 Butte County Agricultural Production

34 Glenn County Agricultural Production

35 Tehama County Agricultural Production

36 Average Disposable Income, 2004

37 2007 Economic Outlook Summary Tri-County economies expecting very slow growth over next year –Bay Area recovery drawing job growth – fewer expansions or relocations due to tight skilled job market Poverty & low educational attainment continues to affect select pockets

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