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Writing paragraph and essay Pertemuan 10

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1 Writing paragraph and essay Pertemuan 10
Matakuliah : G0602 / Bahasa Inggris 3 Tahun : 2007 Writing paragraph and essay Pertemuan 10

2 Contents Writing the introductory paragraph
Writing unified supporting paragraph Writing the concluding paragraph Connecting the supporting paragraph in the essay Writing exercise Bina Nusantara

3 Learning Outcomes Mahasiswa dapat mengembangkan penulisan paragraf dan essay Bina Nusantara

4 Writing Writing on the Paper TOEFL Test
Writing sometimes appears on the paper TOEFL test and always appears on the Computer TOEFL test. On the paper TOEFL test, the writing section is called the Test of Written English (TWE). The TWE is given at the beginning of the TOEFL test, before the Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension. Writing on the Computer TOEFL Test On the computer TOEFL test, the fourth section is called the Writing section. The writing section appears every time that the computer TOEFL test is given. You have thirty minutes either to type your answer on the computer ot to write your answer on a lined sheet of paper. Bina Nusantara

5 General Strategies for Writing
Read the question carefully, and answer the question exactly as it is asked. Take some time at the beginning of the test to be sure that you understand exactly what the question is asking. Organized your response very clearly. You should think of having an introduction, body paragraphs that develop the introduction, and a conclusion to end your essay. Use transitions to help the reader understand the organization of ideas. Whenever you make any general statement, be sure to support that statement. You can use examples, reasons, facts, or similar details to support any general statement. Stick to vocabulary and sentence structure that you know. This is not the time to try out new words or structures. Finish writing your essay a few minutes early so that you have time to proof what you wrote. You should spend the last three to five minutes checking your essay for errors. Bina Nusantara

6 Writing Writing Scores 6.
The writing score on both the paper TOEFL test and the computer TOEFL test is determined in the same way (6 is the highest and 1 is the lowest). 6. The writer has very strong organizational, structural, and grammatical skills. 5. The writer has good organizational, structural, and grammatical skills. However, the essay contains some errors. 4. The writer has adequate organizational, structural, and grammatical skills. The essay contains a number of errors. 3. The writer has shows evidence of organizational, structural, and grammatical skills that still need to be improved. 2. The writer has shows minimal ability to convey ideas in written English. 1. The writer is not capable of conveying ideas in written English. Bina Nusantara

7 Writing Skill 1: Decode the Topic
The first most important step when writing a essay on the TOEFL test it decode the topic to determine what the intended outline is. Writing topics generally give clear clues about how your answer should be constructed. It is important to follow the clear clues given in the topic when you are planning your answer. Example of an Essay Topic Some people prefer large weddings with lots of people, while others prefer small weddings with only very close friends and family. Discuss the advantages of each type of wedding. Then indicate which you prefer and why. Bina Nusantara

8 Writing The following is an appropriate outline for an essay on the topic above: Paragraph 1: Introductory Paragraph (mentioning the advantages of large and small weddings) Paragraph 2: First Supporting Paragraph (listing and discussing the advantages of large weddings) Paragraph 3: Second Supporting Paragraph (listing and discussing the advantages of small weddings) Paragraph 4: Concluding Paragraph (whether you prefer large or small wedding and why) Bina Nusantara

9 Writing The Writing Topic
The following chart outlines the key information that you should remember about decoding the topics: The Writing Topic Each writing topic shows you exactly what you should discuss and how you should organize your response. You must decode the topic carefully to determine the intended way of organizing your response. Skill 2: Develop Supporting Ideas Supporting Ideas Support your essay with reasons and examples, and personalize your essay as much as possible. The more support you have, the stronger you essay will be. Bina Nusantara

10 Writing Skill 3: Write the Introductory Paragraph The purpose of the introduction is first to interest the reader in your topic and then to explain clearly to the reader what you are going to discuss. When finished with your introduction, the reader should be eager to continue on with your essay, and the reader should have an idea of your topic and how you are going to organize the discussion of your topic. You do not need to give the outcome of your discussion in the introduction; you can save that for the conclusion Bina Nusantara

11 The Introductory Paragraph
Writing The Introductory Paragraph Begin the introduction with background information about how the topic relates to you in order to get the reader interested in your essay. End the introduction with a statement or statements that show the reader how the rest of the essay will be organized. Bina Nusantara

12 Unified Supporting Paragraphs
Writing Skill 4: Write Unified Supporting Paragraphs Unified Supporting Paragraphs Introduce each supporting paragraph with a topic sentence and support that paragraph with lots of details. Make sure that the ideas in the paragraph are unified by using a mixture of the following methods: Repeating a key word Rephrasing a key word Replacing a key word with a pronoun or possessive Adding transition words, phrases, or sentences Note: See 7B on page 501 for examples of transition expressions. Bina Nusantara

13 The Concluding Paragraph
Writing Skill 5: Write the Concluding Paragraph The purpose of the conclusion is to close your essay by summarizing the main points of your discussion. When finished with your conclusion, the reader should clearly understand your exact ideas on the topic and the reasons you feel the way that you do about the topic. The ideas in your conclusion should be closely related to the ideas that you began in the essay. In the conclusion you should indicate the outcome or results of the discussion. The Concluding Paragraph Summerize the key points in your discussion. Be sure that your overall idea and the reasons for the idea are very clear. Bina Nusantara

14 Well Connected Supporting Paragraphs
Writing Skill 6: Connect Supporting Paragraphs in the Essay To make your essay as clear as possible, you should show as clearly as you can how the ideas in the supporting paragraphs in your essay are related. This can be accomplished (1) with transition expression such as the first, the most important, or a final way, or (2) with transition sentences that include the idea of the previous paragraph and the idea of the current paragraph. It is best to use a combination of these two types of transitions. Well Connected Supporting Paragraphs The supporting paragraphs of an essay can be connected with transition expressions or with transition sentence. It is best to use a combination of these two types of transitions. Bina Nusantara

15 EXERCISES Exercise 58 (p.326). Exercise 59 (p.327) Exercise 60 (p.328)
Exercise skills (pp ) Bina Nusantara

Exercise 1 (pp ). Exercise 2 (pp ) Exercise 3 (pp ) Exercise 4 (pp.492) Exercise 5 (pp ). Exercise 6 (pp ) MATERI PENDUKUNG Bina Nusantara

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