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Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine An Opportunity of a Lifetime.

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1 Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine An Opportunity of a Lifetime

2 Why a New Medical School? Association of American Medical Colleges called for a 30% increase in medical school admissions Medical school admissions have remained virtually unchanged since 1980 By 2020, there will be a national shortage of approximately 200,000 physicians In Michigan alone, the physician shortage is projected to reach 4,400 by 2020 Fifty-seven percent of practicing Michigan physicians plan to retire by 2020 A Growing Physician Shortage

3 Why a New Medical School? A Growing Physician Shortage The adjusted physician shortage in Michigan is still approximately 3,400 in 2020 (even with increases in class size in existing medical schools and a new medical school).

4 Why a New Medical School? Since 1980, the US population has grown from 226 to 300 million people From 2000 to 2012 the 65 and over population in Michigan is projected to grow rapidly Aging Population Declining Workforce The decline in the workforce population, high unemployment rate and rising poverty levels in Michigan makes physician recruitment difficult

5 Why Oakland University and Beaumont Hospitals? Oakland University and Beaumont Hospitals respective histories of excellence and collaboration, including 25 years of partnership in Research and Education This will provide the new medical school with a foundation built on SYNERGY and LEVERAGE Oakland UniversityBeaumont Hospitals Excellence in Biomedical Sciences and Research School of Nursing School of Health Sciences Eye Research Institute Bioengineering Informatics Nano-Technology College of Arts & Sciences Success of students applying for medical school One of nations largest acute care hospitals Legacy of technological innovation Clinical excellence Translational research Large GME program World class faculty Over 850 clinical studies underway Medical School A Relationship Leveraging the Strengths and Synergies of Two Highly Successful Institutions

6 Why Oakland University and Beaumont Hospitals? 18,000 students Widely recognized for excellence in the biomedical sciences Health care programs in: School of Nursing and School of Health Sciences A renowned Eye Research Institute Highly-regarded programs in bioengineering, informatics and nano-technology State of the art Center for Biomedical Research Extensive research in evidence-based medicine, obesity, and biorobotics Students applying to medical school have one of the highest acceptance rates in the nation: 79% percent of applications accepted versus the national average of 44% Oakland University

7 Why Oakland University and Beaumont Hospitals? One of the nation’s largest and most successful community based academic medical centers Royal Oak Hospital, a 1061 bed hospital specializes in the care of complex illness as well as the management of chronic disease Troy campus- 346 beds, Grosse Pointe campus -289-beds Robust clinical and translational research portfolio of 31 million a year Largest graduated medical education program of any non university, private practice hospital Trains about 400 residents and fellows in 37 different residencies and fellowships, and hosts 600 medical students annually 3,000 physicians, and 850 clinical studies underway (involving 50,000 patients) Eight clinical programs listed in US News and World Report's America's Best Hospitals for 2008 Beaumont Hospitals

8 Undergrad courses Clinical Residency (3 to 7 years) Sub-specialty fellowship Didactic 2 Year 0Year 2Year 4Year 7Year 11 Medical school Clinical training sites 3 Undergraduate medical education (medical student education) Graduate medical education (residency/fellowship education) 1 Medical education is a 7 to 11+ year process that takes place in both academic and clinical settings 1 For the balance of this paper, resident and fellows are referred to collectively as residents. 2 Increasingly, medical schools are introducing clinical experiences into the first two years of medical school. 3 Includes teaching hospitals, ambulatory clinics, physician offices, and other sites.

9 Plan for New Medical School A partnership to lead innovation in patient-centered medical education and research Vision and Mission of Medical School Philosophy Physicians will provide better care through team-managed approach Physicians will serve the region’s diverse population Physicians will be innovative inquisitors Physicians will focus on pre-symptomatic and critical care disease

10 Plan for New Medical School Integrate innovation in its medical school education and research Integrate basic science and clinical science education Provide clinical experiences early in the medical educational process Apply a multi-disciplinary, team-based learning and interaction approach to medical education The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine will: A Distinctive Medical School Redefine the Role of "doctor" Emphasize Team Building Focus on Technology Promote applied research Train tomorrow's doctors in the business of Medicine

11 Plan for New Medical School A Distinctive Medical School

12 Potential Impact of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine on the Future of Michigan Focus on preventive medicine, and chronic care medicine in addition to the traditional medical curriculum Recruit world-renowned physicians and faculty to the area Provide patient-centered medical education and research A Healthier Michigan Economic Impact of a New Medical School in Michigan Total economic impact from existing medical schools of nearly $19 Billion dollars for the state’s economy; the new medical school is expected to contribute an additional $1 billion to the state’s economy "For every dollar directly spend by a medical school or teaching hospital, an additional $1.30 is indirectly generated for a total impact of $2.30” Bring biomedical discoveries to the market

13 Funding and Finances Sources of revenue include tuition, research revenues, fees, support from parent organizations, endowment payouts, and annual gifts / philanthropy Expenses include personnel costs, operating expenses, facilities costs, consumables, research costs, and capital expenses

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