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Minimizing Employment Liability Risk Staff Affirmative Action Office (SAAO) May 2009.

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1 Minimizing Employment Liability Risk Staff Affirmative Action Office (SAAO) May 2009

2 SAAO EEO Services SAAO provides the following services to both Campus and Health System departments/offices: Consultation on EEO/AA-Related Matters Referral Assistance EEO/AA/Diversity Training Complaint Investigations (Discrimination/Harassment/Retaliation) Affirmative Action Plan

3 Who can file a complaint with the SAAO?  Staff Employees  Groups of Staff Employees  Former Staff Employees  Applicants  Temporary Agency Employees  Visitors  Contractor Employees  Vendor Employees  Anonymous  Third Party (not directly involved)  Individuals who want to file a sexual harassment complaint against a staff employee* *Except for Health System and NPI&H Employees

4 Discrimination/Harassment is prohibited on the basis of…  Race  Color  National origin  Religion  Sex  Gender identity  Pregnancy  Physical or mental disability  Medical condition (cancer-related or genetic characteristics)  Ancestry  Marital status  Age (40+)  Sexual orientation  Citizenship  Veteran Status

5 Types of Complaints Internal/Informal External/Agency Sexual Harassment

6 Complaint Process Internal/Informal  Employee files directly with SAAO  Employee has been referred by a UCLA department  Grievance or SAAO Complaint?  Early Resolution or Investigation?

7 Complaint Process External/Agency  Dual Filing (Agency Process)  Mediation (EEOC process)  Investigation/Position Statement  On-site Review  Finding/No Fault Settlement  No Finding/Right-to-Sue  Lawsuit filed while agency case still pending  Case Management

8 How can YOU help us?  Notify us immediately when you receive an agency EEO charge  Do not respond to agency complaints, requests for information, or speak with agency personnel; refer them to our office  Provide access to employees and requested information during complaint investigations  Tell us of pending disciplinary actions, grievances, or other actions  Help us preserve the privacy of our employees  Helps us preserve the confidentiality of documents and records to the extent permitted or required by law or university policy  Let us know when you are referring a potential complainant to our office

9 How can WE help you?  Use us as a resource for issues involving employment discrimination and harassment  Invite us to your staff meetings to talk about our services  Let us provide EEO training for your managers and supervisors

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