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Marielle Hart Head of EU policy, Stop AIDS Alliance.

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1 Marielle Hart Head of EU policy, Stop AIDS Alliance

2 The EU Position for the MDG Review Summit Challenges and opportunities Marielle Hart Action for Global Health

3 The EU Position for the MDG Review Summit The negotiated common EU position adopted by Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers and Heads of State Will be used as the basis for EU representation at the Summit and for EU MS, however they can make their own bilateral commitments too

4 Where does it result from? Adoption of the EC “April Package” Twelve point Action Plan Adoption of thematic communications (health, gender, education, food security) Adoption of Council Conclusions by Foreign Affairs Ministers Adoption of European Council Conclusions

5 Process European Commission proposing (annual April packages) Consultations with Member States, UN, civil society European Parliament advising (Resolution) Council negotiations and adoption Council Conclusions

6 EU Position: key issues Recognition of interlinkages between MDGs Strong focus on responsibility partner countries Rights based approach Recognition of democratic governance and meaningful involvement

7 Special attention to countries most off track – list of priority countries Reaffirmation of ODA commitments and recognition of innovative financing – ODA on agenda of European Council annually for the first time Aid effectiveness – mutual accountability and transparency

8 In addition.. Strong promotion of right to health Support for social protection mechanisms and removal of user fees Support for increased leadership of WHO IHP acknowledged as the preferred framework

9 But… Too many calls but no concrete action proposed Unclear how the EU will support social protection, human rights and interlinkages between MDGs What about inequalities within countries? Innovative financing for development?

10 No reference to national ODA legislations (UK and Belgium) or binding national yearly timetables No reference to the EU Agenda for Action on the MDGs, adopted in 2008 Lack of emphasis on managing for results in aid effectiveness agenda

11 Next steps Member State bilateral positions and commitments EU MDG action plan – post MDG Summit 700 mln euro proposal European Commission EU U.S Dialogue on the MDGs

12 Implications for MDG Review Summit Health as a key priority Interlinkages between MDGs Rights approach No concrete actions No ODA action plans or binding time tables Managing for results

13 Thank you!

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