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Weather Air Masses Weather.

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1 Weather Air Masses Weather

2 Air Mass A large body of air with uniform temperature and moisture

3 Air Mass mP Maritime Polar Moist Cold Weather

4 Air Mass cP Continental Polar Dry Cold Weather

5 Air Mass cT Continental Tropical Dry Hot Weather

6 Air Mass mT Maritime Tropical Moist Hot Weather

7 Air Mass A Arctic Dry Cold Weather Weather

8 Fronts Where two unlike air masses meet Weather

9 Cold Front Boundary formed where a cold air mass overtakes and lifts a warm air mass Weather

10 Squall Line Long line of heavy thunderstorms
May occur just ahead of a fast moving cold front Weather

11 Weather

12 Warm Front Boundary formed where a warm air mass overtakes and rises over a cold air mass Weather

13 Stationary Front Boundary between two air masses
Neither one is displaced Weather

14 Occluded Front Formed where a fast moving cold air mass overtakes and lifts a warm air mass, completely cutting it off from the ground Weather

15 Polar Front Boundary at which cold polar air meets the warmer air of the middle latitudes Weather

16 High-pressure Systems
Spin outward and clockwise Weather

17 Low-pressure Systems Spin inward and counter-clockwise Weather

18 Wave Cyclone Large storm that develops along cold or stationary fronts, with winds that spiral in toward a central region of low air pressure  Weather

19 Anticyclone Storm that spirals outward from a high-pressure center

20 Hurricanes/Typhoon A warm-core tropical cyclone
maximum winds greater than 64 knots (74 mph). hurricane is used in the west. typhoon is used for pacific cyclones in the eastern hemisphere. 10. Low-pressure systems over tropical oceans can develop into powerful spinning system called a b) hurricane Weather Weather

21 Hurricanes Low pressure system Feeds off of warm tropical oceans
Hurricane Fran (NASA) Weather Hurricane Fran Weather

22 Storm Surge Unusual rise in sea level accompanying a hurricane or other intense storm Weather

23 Storm Surge Leading cause of death Cause of the most destruction

24 Camille Damage Weather

25 Tornadoes Whirling funnel shaped cyclone
Common on the great plains during spring Up to 300 mph winds Whirling funnel shaped clouds common to the Great Plains during spring are called a) tornado Weather Weather

26 Air masses continental Polar Maritime tropical
Study Guide Air masses continental Polar Maritime tropical stationary front, cold front, warm front, occluded front Front, Wave Cyclone High-pressure spin ? Low-pressure systems spin ? Tornado, hurricane Weather

27 Study Guide Wave Cyclone Weather

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