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1 Welcome to CS 105 Intro Comp Pgm’g I Welcome to IIT too?

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1 1 Welcome to CS 105 Intro Comp Pgm’g I Welcome to IIT too?

2 2 CS 105, Sections 07, 09 Spring 2011 Dr. Jim Sasaki, 312-567-5176 Office Hours: (SB 110) MW 11:30 am – 12:30 pm; R 1–2 pm

3 3 Lecture:Wed 6:25 – 8:05 pm, SB 104 Labs:Thu 6:25 – 7:15 pm Section 07: SB 108 Section 09: Rice campus Meetings

4 4 CS Intro Courses CS 105: One semester; requires little or no previous programming experience. Uses C++ CS 115-116: Two semester sequence. Assumes previous programming experience. Uses C++ or Java. Primarily for CS majors CS 201: One semester accelerated combination of CS 115 & CS 116, requires previous programming experience. Uses Java.

5 5 CS 105 – Required Textbook and Lab Manual “C++Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design”, by D.S. Malik 2nd (YELLOW) OR 3rd (GREEN) Edition OR 4th (BROWN) Edition

6 6 End-of-Semester Score Labs – 20% Project – 10% 2 Quizzes – 5% each Exam I (in Lecture) – 10% Exam II (in Lecture & Lab) – 20% Final Exam – 30% Must pass Final Exam to pass course

7 7 CS105 Labs Labs prepare you for tests. Labs assigned in handout; on website Consist of a reading assignment and exercises from Malik textbook Lab exercises comprised of Exercises and Programming Exercises (located at end of each Chapter in textbook).

8 8 CS105 Labs Work on personal or campus computers. You’re expected to complete a Lab BEFORE your Lab section meets. Save.cpp file(s) to flash drive, or send to yourself in email and bring to Lab section for discussion and questions. (See more in Lab 0.)

9 9 CS105 Labs (Cont) Labs Are Not Graded. Lab credit comes from attending and participating in lab session. Arrive late? Leave early? Half credit. TA will cover Labs/questions/other topics in Lab session.

10 10 Expectations Attendance in Lectures and Labs Completion of Tests (= Exams + Quizzes) Four to Six hours per week on homework Outside help if necessary No Cheating (Tests, Project) Have fun!!

11 11 Class Courtesy Rules No swearing or other inconsiderate behavior Turn off cell phones; no laptops, iPads, etc. In Lab: No Internet browsing, emailing, gaming, IM-ing (Hey, it’s only 50 minutes!) Questions, Discussions, and Ideas are welcome.

12 12 Missing a Test If you will miss an Test (= Exam or Quiz), make arrangements BEFORE the test date. Test dates already posted. If Emergency: Medical problem: Doctor/Hospital note Family problem: Contact info for parents

13 13 Unacceptable Excuses for Missing a Test Didn’t know when test was. Had a game/match/practice/doctor’s app’t. Missed the bus. Slept late. Felt sick [but not sick enough to see Doctor]. I’m just a freshman. Roommate took my alarm clock/textbook/underwear If any of above happen, get to the test AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!!

14 14 Ethics: We’re For It!! Tests: Closed Everything: Book, Notes, …. Open ears (no mp3 players, cell phones, etc). Labs should be done independently, but working with others is acceptable. Project: Individual; to Be Announced.

15 15 CS 105 – Web Page Click on Syllabus Weekly assignments Quiz and Exam dates Lecture slides TA and instructor office hours Other course information

16 16 Where to Get Help Instructor’s office hours TA’s office hours, Lab time - Any TA Can answer questions ARC: Academic Resource Center has tutors available ( Internet: Search for “C++ tutorial/help/etc.” GET HELP EARLY RATHER THAN LATER!!!

17 17 Avoid This Final Exam

18 18 Course Philosophy Computer Science Side Problem Solving Logical Thought Programming in C++

19 19 Course Philosophy “Real World” Side Human Nature Corporate World Surviving during and after College

20 20 Problem Solving Arrange a deck of cards by suit and rank How would you do this? How would you tell a child to do this? How would you tell a computer to do this?

21 21 Problem Solving CS 105 develops logic skills to solve problems by writing a program. A program is a problem-solving tool. Computers follow instructions they’re given. They don’t have “intuition” or make decisions “on their own”.

22 22 Why Use a Program? Computers perform tasks many times faster than a person. Computers are more consistent than a person. Computers can work 24-7.

23 23 Terminology Source Code: The original problem-solving, logical solution written in a programming language (e.g. C++) Compiling: The action of turning the source code into a format the computer can use. Linking: The action of bringing in already written code (Libraries) for use in a new program. Executable: The result of compiling and linking a source program; the “.exe” file that the computer can run

24 24 C++ Required Elements Every C++ program must have: int main() { }

25 25 // Sam Smith // CS 105 // Section 07 #include using namespace std; int main() { cout << “Hello World!!” << endl; return (0); } Your First Program

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