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M M ultimedia E E ducational R R esource for L L earning and O O nline T T eaching.

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1 M M ultimedia E E ducational R R esource for L L earning and O O nline T T eaching

2 Vision & Mission MERLOT’S VISION is to be the place where faculty from around the world will share teaching-learning materials and pedagogy. MERLOT’S MISSION is to improve the effectiveness of teaching & learning by expanding the quantity and quality of peer- reviewed online learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty designed courses.

3 Aspects of MERLOT MERLOT is a COOPERATIVE INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS ORGANIZATIONAL AFFILIATIONS INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS MERLOT is a SET OF PROCESSES Peer review of online teaching-learning materials and building online, discipline-based communities. MERLOT is SOFTWARE A searchable database of online learning materials, pedagogical support, and people.

4 MERLOT: The Software


6 MERLOT: The Processes

7 MERLOT Principles Be Faculty Focused –Recognition for Teaching & Learning –Faculty-led Evaluation Be Focused on Teaching and Learning –A Teaching Community rather than Teaching Alone Working Together Works Make Tools EFFECTIVE, EASY, ENJOYABLE

8 Physics Business Teacher Ed Biology Chemistry Health Sciences History Math Psych Music Info Tech World Languages Merlot Discipline Groups

9 Peer Reviews Faculty Discipline Teams: Adopt evaluation standards – quality of content – potential effectiveness for teaching & learning – ease of use Develop peer review process Develop roles and responsibilities as MERLOT reviewers Use MERLOT Worksites to sustain productivity

10 MERLOT: The Cooperative

11 Cooperation at Many Levels MERLOT Administrative Team MERLOT Advisory Board MERLOT Project Directors Council MERLOT Discipline Co-Leaders MERLOT Faculty Discipline Teams

12 What Makes The MERLOT Cooperative Work? Serve Needs and Common Interests –High Quality, Reusable, Self-Service Resource –Tenure and Promotion Issues –Mechanism to Leverage Investments Get More Than You Give –Give 1 Get “100” –Don’t Manage SW/HW, training, logistics TRUST –Management & Members of Cooperatives

13 BUILDING TRUST: Core to Cooperatives Create Common Means to Individual Ends Fair Share in Decision Making –Schedules and Policies Deliver Quality Products and Services –Responsive to Partners’ Issues Hold True to Academic Values Visibility, Accountability, & Sustainability

14 California State University MERLOT Commitments Provide Program Management and Logistics Provide MERLOT Processes Provide Software/Hardware Management Provide “Marketing” Materials Provide Strategic Planning and Mechanisms for Sustaining MERLOT

15 Institutional Partner Commitments Faculty Reviewers – 8 faculty to serve as experts Faculty Development & Academic Technology Personnel Travel –Training, presentations, meetings Project Director (10+%) – Planning, coordinating, budgeting, etc. Participation Fee: $25K

16 USERSREVIEWERS AUTHORS Professional Societies MERLOT Building Discipline Communities

17 MERLOT’s Value The solution to some local, institutional problems requires global strategies. MERLOT is: –committed to free access for end users –built upon the principle of open exchange of ideas –almost 180 faculty working in concert –about 100 faculty development and academic technology personnel supporting its use –a leveraging of partner resources

18 Join the Cooperative! Visit for more information

19 Thank You! Questions?

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