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Healthcare Reform is coming is HERE! Rod Iberg. Introduction.

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1 Healthcare Reform is coming is HERE! Rod Iberg

2 Introduction

3 Pros More coverage No limits No pre-existing conditions Cheaper prescriptions for seniors Insurance for adult dependents Expanded Medicaid eligibility Low income subsidies

4 Cons Cost Individual mandates Medicare cuts Higher taxes Higher premiums Excise tax on cadillac health plans Employer mandates Rationing HSA withdrawal tax

5 Changes - within the first year (2010) Dependent coverage Doughnut hole Pre-existing conditions Rescinding policies Lifetime limits Preventative services Reinsurance program Appeals process Adoption tax credit Tanning service tax Business tax credits

6 Changes - 2011 Annual wellness visits for Medicare States offering home based services Discount for brand name drugs Additional tax for HSA withdrawals Small business plan in lieu of cafeteria plan Increase in Medicare payroll tax

7 Changes - 2013 Uniform health information standards Limits on FSA contributions Medicare Part D to be eliminated Health insurance income threshold to increase Increase in hospital insurance tax New excise tax on medical devices

8 Changes - 2014 Mandatory coverage Exchange plan option Company penalties Insurers cannot refuse policies No annual limits Exchanges to open Credits available Medicaid eligibility to increase Annual health insurance provider fee

9 Changes - 2018 Cadillac plans to be taxed

10 Q & A

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