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ACCEPT project Grant Agreement 243837 FP7-SSH-2009-A.

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1 ACCEPT project Grant Agreement 243837 FP7-SSH-2009-A

2 The EC Grant Agreement 1/3/2010 - 31/5/2013 Core Contract Annex I - DoW Annex II – General conditions : financial provisions Annex IV - Forms A (Accession of beneficiaries to the GA) Consortium Agreement

3 REPORTS 2 Reporting periods: 1-18 + 19-39 (reports sent to the EUI within 45 days) Templates for Reports : Scientific report (Publishable summary, project objectives for the period, work progress and achievements, project management, explanation of the use of the resources - Use and dissemination of foreground, list of publications, communication to the public) Financial report: Form C + Summary Financial report On-line preparation and Submission through a web based tool (FORCE) + signed hard copy after EUI approval Certificate on the Financial statements if EU contribution > 375.000 euro

4 ELIGIBLE COSTS Guide to Financial issues : Under FP7, there are no cost reporting models Research and Innovation activities: 75% - 50% Demonstration (n/a) Other/dissemination/Management: 100% Indirect costs : percentage of direct eligible costs (excl.subcontracting); special transitional flat rate 60% - standard flat rate 20% – actual indirect costs No pre-defined cost categories usual accounting rules and management principles and practices of each beneficiary actual, economic, necessary, reasonable,incurred during the duration of the project, recorded in the accounts of the beneficiary, indicated in the estimated budget

5 ELIGIBLE COSTS Personnel costs: directly hired by the beneficiary/sole technical responsibility/remunerate in accordance with normal practices of the beneficiary working time must be recorded (monthly time sheet) temporary and permanent personnel Equipment : each beneficiary must apply its usual depreciation system Travel and subsistence necessary for the work in the project, or for activities related to it Consumables Strict limitation on sub-contracting costs: minor tasks, no overheads Not elegible: indirect taxes including VAT, interests, exchange losses etc. Original supporting documents up to five years after the end of the project available in case of financial audits

6 PAYMENTS Pre-financing of 55% of project budget 70% of pre-financing immediately 30% after approval of the Chairperson of the SC the basis of an analysis of the advancement of the work of each Party After the intermediate report: interim payment of the amount accepted (within 105 days from receipt of reports unless suspension of time-limit) 70% of pre-financing immediately 30% after approval of the Chairperson of the SC Final payment - total prefinancing/interim payment shall not exceed 90% of EU contribution

7 THE COORDINATOR The C. is the single point of contact between the European Commission and the Consortium collects from all Parties deliverables, reports and information for submission to the European Commission receives the entire financial contribution from the European Commission and forward it to the parties is responsible for overall management of the Grant Agreement; chairing the Steering Committee; preparation of the meetings and decisions of the Steering Committee

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