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Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI1 CS 509 Design of Software Systems Lecture #11 Thursday, Nov. 13, 2003.

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1 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI1 CS 509 Design of Software Systems Lecture #11 Thursday, Nov. 13, 2003

2 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI2 §Term Project administration §Return Quiz #5 §Questions §Review of Chapter 11 §Project Management exercises Class Format for Today

3 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI3 MC Project & Quiz #5 §Return Quiz #5 – solutions available on course web site. §How is implementation going? l Proceeding according to schedule?

4 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI4 Questions? §About Term Project §From last week’s class §From the reading §Anything else?

5 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI5 Chapter 11 Project Management

6 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI6 Purpose of Management §Managers do not generate any work products of their own §Managers do not make technical decisions §Managers often do not have technical skills §What skills do they have/need? §What is their purpose/function?

7 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI7 Management Skills, Functions §Organizational skills – why are these needed? §People skills – such as? §Time & resource management skills, etc. §To ensure the delivery of a quality system on time and within budget

8 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI8 Project Mgmt Terminology §Teams §Roles §Work Products §Tasks §Schedules

9 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI9 Project Phases §Project Initiation l Define scope and resources §Steady State l Majority of development effort §Project Termination l System is delivered and accepted §What activities are involved in each?

10 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI10 Project Initiation §Problem statement definition §Initial top-level design §Team formation §Communication Infrastructure setup §Initial milestones planning §Project kickoff

11 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI11 Steady State §Project agreement definition §Status monitoring §Risk assessment & management §Project replanning

12 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI12 Project Termination §Client acceptance tests §Installation §Postmortem

13 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI13 Project Communication §Needs to occur during all phases of project §Must be timely and accurate §Structure of communication l Developers to team leaders l Team leaders to project manager l Project manager to higher-level management §Different levels/types of communication §What can go wrong here?

14 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI14 Team Communication §What is the definition/purpose of a liaison? l Examples of where a liaison is useful? §What is a cross-functional team? l Examples?

15 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI15 Team Associations §Reporting association l Used for reporting status §Decision association l Used for propagating decision information §Communication association l Used for exchanging info needed for decisions

16 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI16 Hierarchical Organization §Cathedral model §Bazaar model §What do these terms refer to? §How does each model function? §How do they differ? §Movement from one to the other

17 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI17 Project Roles §Management §Development §Cross-functional §Consultant §Promoter: l Power, knowledge, process

18 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI18 Other Management Concepts §Work Products §Tasks §Schedules §What are the relationships between these?

19 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI19 Project Monitoring §Meetings l Status, milestones, reviews, inspections, demos §Metrics l Defects to be resolved l Source code metrics – such as?

20 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI20 Risk Management §Identifying risks – managerial or technical l How are they identified? Examples? §Prioritizing risks l How likely, what impact? §Mitigating risks l How to decrease likelihood and/or impact §Communicating risks

21 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI21 Other Management Activities §Project agreement document l Scope, duration, cost and deliverables §Client acceptance tests §Installation §Postmortem

22 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI22 Project Management Exercises §From text book, page 453 §Split into groups to discuss: 1.Exercise #4 2.Exercise #5 3.Exercise #7 4.Exercise #8 §Present results to class

23 Nov. 13, 2003CS 509 - WPI23 For Next Time Chapter 12 Software Life Cycle

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