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Getting Started Setting up your multimedia equipment.

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1 Getting Started Setting up your multimedia equipment

2 Unpacking  Remove projector from case  Connect power cord

3 Unpacking continued  Connect RGB cable to projector

4 Remote control  Remove remote control from bag and place next to projector

5 Setting up laptop computer  Remove laptop computer from bag  Connect power cord

6  Connect power cord to wall outlet  Connect RBG cable to laptop  Open computer lid using release latch

7 Powering up computer  Turn on computer using power button

8 Powering up projector  Turn on the MAIN power of the projector

9 Power up the projector  Turn on the projector lamp using the standby/power button on the top of the projector

10 Getting the picture  Sending computer image to projector To shift the computer image to the projector, hold down the function key “fn” and push the F3 button (“LCD/CTR”) button. Laptop keyboard

11 Log In Screen  When computer starts up it will default to a log in screen. Password is “horizon2”.  No caps, and do not include quote marks.  Office 2000 pro is installed on computer and includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

12 Computer Drives  A DVD-CD drive is located on the right side of the laptop computer

13 Floppy Drive  The DVD-CD drive can be swapped with the floppy drive. Be very careful when swapping drives and follow instructions exactly, to prevent damage.  You will be financially responsible for any damage to the computer, or loss of drives.

14 Swapping drives  Instructions for swapping drives Turn computer over and locate modular latch. Bottom view of computer

15  Removing a module (drive)

16  Slide the latch

17  Carefully remove the module

18  Insert floppy drive module

19 Powering Down Projector  When finished with presentation Turn off the power on the projector and wait for lamp to cool down before turning off the main power.

20 Storage of unused drives  Place the disc drive, not in use, in the laptop carry bag.

21  When fan stops, then turn main power off.

22 Power down laptop  Close all software programs still open  Remove DVD, CD, or Floppy disks from laptop  Shut down laptop computer

23 Packing up equipment  Remove all cords from the projector and place in carry case Check to see all cords, cables, and remote control are packed in carry case.

24  Remove all cables from laptop and return to carry case Transformer and power cord Floppy or DVD-CD drive Mouse

25 Return all equipment to Media Services THANK YOU!

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