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Java 2 – Enterprise Edition Kevin J. LaFata April 21, 2003 UM – St. Louis.

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1 Java 2 – Enterprise Edition Kevin J. LaFata April 21, 2003 UM – St. Louis

2 Overview J2EE Intro Key Concepts JSP and Servlets XML Building and Deployment EJB More info and job market

3 What makes up J2EE Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) JDBC Java Messaging Service Servlets JSP JNDI Java Mail XML SOAP JAAS JTA and others…

4 J2EE as a Specification Specifications Interfaces Libraries Implementations

5 Key Concepts XML Deployment When & what to use OO Design Syntax – less important

6 JSP JSP Directives HTML Embedded Code Tag Libraries/Custom Tags Sessions

7 JSP Translation JSP Translated into a servlet Uses HTTPServlet package Servlet compiled and executed Done by Tomcat

8 Servlets Special interface Uses response and request objects Run by a server such as Tomcat

9 JSP Example

10 Servlet Example

11 XML Importance Used everywhere in Java Data standardization Configuration Files Deployment File

12 XML Basics Special Header Like HTML Must be well formed All tags must be closed Tags can have data, attributes, other tags DTDs

13 XML Example

14 XSLT Translates XML to something Usually HTML Selection language Looping, conditionals

15 ANT Like a Makefile Many Java specifics Defined using XML Build targets and tasks

16 ANT Example

17 Deployment Jar files – Libraries War files – Web applications Ear files – EJB Deployments Manifests and information along with class files and resources XML used to define deployment descriptors

18 Enterprise Java Beans Specifications Containers Adds scalability, thread safety, transactions Security

19 Bean Types Stateless Session Beans Stateful Session Beans Entity Beans

20 Session Beans Perform actions Business rules and logic Can maintain session Pooled by server

21 Entity Beans Represent data or objects Usually persistent Underlying data storage Storage can be handled by bean or by server

22 Transactions Atomic – all or nothing Consistency – data is valid Isolation – data locking Durability – data stays permanent

23 Implementations JBoss BEA Weblogic IBM WebSphere Oracle Application Server Jakarta Tomcat

24 Learn by trying Tomcat JBoss MySQL Oracle (Development)

25 For more information 100’s of books

26 Job Market A.G. Edwards Anheuser Busch Enterprise Rent-A-Car OO Design Important Side Projects Additional Skills

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