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Cruising through the Mission Mandates for Healthy Living Excellence Janet Edwards Linda Kirk Fox May 2011.

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1 Cruising through the Mission Mandates for Healthy Living Excellence Janet Edwards Linda Kirk Fox May 2011

2 Positive Youth Development… Considers the whole young person, not just a single characteristic or problem. Focuses on the positive outcomes we desire for young people, not the negative outcomes we hope to prevent. Youth have to be seen as central actors in their own development. Emphasizes the importance of environment and creating opportunities. Is dependent on family and community development as it occurs in the context of the family, community and society. Programs must be available to all young people. From: Cathann Kress NIFA, USDA

3 Mission Mandates 3

4 Research indicates that obesity and the problems associated with childhood obesity have reached epidemic proportions. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the increase in childhood obesity represents an “unprecedented burden” on children’s health. Today 25 million children aged 17 and under are considered obese or overweight. The Need for Healthy Living 4

5 Collaboration among federal agencies President Obama, assisted by Michelle Obama, signs MOU between U.S. Depts. of Education; Health and Human Services; and Agriculture

6 Historic federal collaboration -

7 Its mission engages youth and families through access and opportunities to achieve optimal physical, social, and emotional well-being. The 4-H Healthy Living Program reaches 2.5 million youth in 50 states. It mobilizes young people and implement sustainable strategies that will create healthy lifestyles for America’s families. Framework for Healthy Youth 7

8 Framework for Healthy Youth What is health? 8 Health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease, or infirmity” (WHO, 2006). "Wellbeing is a state of being with others, where human needs are met, where one can act meaningfully to pursue one's goals, and where one enjoys a satisfactory quality of life” A combination of physical, emotional, social and mental well-being is vital to achieve overall health.

9 Framework for Healthy Youth 9 Activity 1 - Puzzle

10 Adaptation of Socio-Ecological Model 10 SOCIAL STRUCTURE, POLICIES, PRACTICES Public Policy – national, state, local laws INSTITUTION, ORGANIZATION, COMMUNITY Organizational – organizations, social institutions COMMUNITY – relationships among organizations INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, HOUSEHOLD Interpersonal - family, friends, social networks INDIVIDUAL – knowledge, attitudes, skills Adapted From: Helen Chipman PhD, RD NIFA, USDA

11 Framework for Healthy Youth 11 Activity 2 – Apply “Civic Engagement” framework

12 Nutrition Education is… Any combination of educational strategies Accompanied by environmental supports Designed to facilitate the voluntary adoption of food and nutrition-related behaviors conducive to health and well- being Delivered through multiple venues Involves activities at the individual, community, and policy levels Modified from definition given by Isobel Contento, EdD, RD From: Helen Chipman PhD, RD NIFA, USDA

13 Framework for Healthy Youth 13 Activity 3 – Apply “Science” framework

14 Framework for Healthy Youth 14 EDUCATIONAL L E A D E R S H I P / DECEMBER 2 0 0 9 / JANUARY 2010 Communicate Cooperate Coordinate Collaborate Integrate

15 Who we reach… 4-H Youth 5 – 19 years Family ***************** Trained Youth Development Educators Volunteer Development Food $ense SNAP (Food Stamp) Eligible Youth and Families ****************** Trained Nutrition Educators Volunteer Development 15

16 What we do… 4-H Youth development Fitness Agriculture/Gardening Eco-Stewardship SET or Science Leadership / Citizenship Family Involvement Food $ense Nutrition Education Physical Activity Food Resource management Life skills – Cooking, Meal planning, Garden enhanced nutrition Family Involvement 16

17 Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables Healthy weights  portion control  physical activity Whole grains Lean meats Label reading Low cost Program Emphasis

18 I am teaching my brother how to wash his hands before dinner.” -Youth, Clark Co. “Wow, you really do need math to cook!” - Jr. Chef, Mason Co. Improving Self-Efficacy

19 Where we do it… 4-H School Enrichment After-school programs Clubs Camps Food $ense Schools Parks and Recreation Community Centers Summer camps 19

20 How we do it… 4-H Positive Youth Development Food $ense Hands on / Experiential Nutrition Education 20

21 Framework for Healthy Youth 21

22 Sharing ideas for Healthy Youth 22

23 23 Sharing ideas for Healthy Youth

24 Resources for Healthy Youth 24 Healthy Living Mission – Goal is to increase from 2.5 Million to 2.75 Million 4-H Youth Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) Challenge Goal is to have 100,000 4-H Youth enroll Six weeks to:  Move it  Log it  Earn it

25 Framework for Healthy Youth 25

26 Framework for Healthy Youth 26

27 Framework for Healthy Youth 27

28 Thank You! 28 Framework for Healthy Youth

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