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Open Enrollment 2010. Team Members Bridgette Funderburk Jeremy Carroll Daniele Johnson.

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1 Open Enrollment 2010

2 Team Members Bridgette Funderburk Jeremy Carroll Daniele Johnson

3 Ready Enroll for ALL ALL ees need to go through RE for: benefits changes review personal information & update, as necessary beneficiaries review & update Compliance!  Code of Conduct - annual review & acknowledgement

4 Benergy Access Personalized access Username: your e-mail name followed by middle two numbers for your SSN –Replaces general employee access P’word: enroll2010 Change your p’word with initial access

5 Life Happens….. Update RE on-line & notify HR when you experience a life event, i.e. marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death, spouses looses or adds coverage with his/her employer

6 to B2G They aren’t dependents forever…... Review eligibility of dependents – age limits can/do vary for different benefits and based on student status. Alert HR when dependent is no longer eligible – COBRA notification needs to be sent…. 2010 – eligibility audit planned

7 Go to Benergy to review/compare plans to note changes for 2010…. UHC POS medical plan: deductible/out-of- pocket max increased by $500.00 Supplemental Life or Supplemental Life and AD & D: benefit option increased to x5 base salary (max $300K) – EOI required Work/life: Employee Assistance Program added – x 4 sessions free See 2010 rates – approx 8% increase; dental buy-up plan – rates decreased!

8 How the costs weigh out

9 Plan for retirement… 401K info & enrollment forms – Benergy Company matches $0.75 for every $1.00 you contribute up to 4% of your earnings Company matches every pay period Company contributions vest over 3 years Enroll 1 st of month

10 2010 Maximums at a glance H.S.A.* –Individual: $3,050.00 –Family: $6,150.00 * max. includes your contribution + employer’s contribution! Catch-up $1,000 (55+ years of age) F.S.A.s Medical FSA: $2,500 Dependent Care: $5,000 401K $16,500 Catch-up $5,500 (50+ years of age)

11 Check & double check Be sure to check you payroll “stub” anytime you make changes in your benefits – this helps to insure that all has been processed properly. No surprises later – for you or us!

12 And in closing…. F.S.A. – must enroll each and every year! –Deductions do not auto renew Be sure to click “DONE” as last step in Ready Enroll process to be sure your info is stored in the system for future reference.

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