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Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed Business Activity.

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1 Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed Business Activity

2 Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed Business Activity Primary Sector – –extraction of raw materials from the earth – mining, quarrying, fishing, agriculture, forestry Secondary Sector – –Processing of raw materials into finished or semi- finished products – manufacturing Tertiary Sector – –Service industries – leisure, transport, finance, distribution, retailing, wholesaling, communications Quarternary Sector – –Hi tech industries, training, health, education

3 Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed New Thinking: Tertiary Sector – –transport, energy, water (utilities) Quarternary Sector – –finance, trading Quinary Sector – –health, education, research, leisure and recreation (After Daniel Bell: 1976 ‘The Coming of Post Industrial Society’)

4 Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed Business Activity Multiple Business Activity –e.g. BP involved in: Oil exploration and drilling (Primary) Refining oil – production of gas, petroleum, bitumen, lubricants, etc. (Manufacturing) Distribution of petrol from refineries to petrol stations and sales of petrol to consumer (Tertiary) Research and Development (Quarternary)

5 Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed Business Activity Private Sector: Business activity owned financed and controlled by private individuals –Sole Traders –Partnerships –Private Limited Companies –Public Limited Companies (PLCs) –Co-operatives –Franchises –Charities

6 Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed Objectives of Private Sector Business Objectives Profit Survival Share Price Market Power Sales and Sales Revenue Efficiency Quality and Innovation Image and Reputation Environment Satisficing Social Issues

7 Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed Business Activity Public Sector: Business Activity owned, financed and controlled by the state through government or local authorities –Government – key departments set policy and monitor implementation –Local Authorities – County Councils, District Councils, Parish Councils –Health Trusts –Public Corporations – BBC

8 Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed Objectives of Public Sector Activity Access – –available to all regardless of location or income Quality – –high quality services that do not cut corners Affordability – –services offered at prices that are cheaper than private sector or free at the point of use Equity – –available to anyone whatever their background, status, income, class, race, religion, etc.

9 Copyright 2006 – Biz/ed Range of Business Offered by the Public Sector Road s Allotments Paths and Parks Schools Street Lighting Waste Disposa l Trading Standards Cemeteries Environmental Health Museums and Arts Economic Development and Tourism Planning Licensing Care of the Elderly Social Services

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