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Weather By: Mallory Hart.

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1 Weather By: Mallory Hart

2 Sun The sun shines in the sky. Sometimes it hides behind clouds.
The sun warms the earth and can make us hot! We wear sunglasses on a bright sunny day! The sky can change colors when the sun sets late in the day.

3 Clouds Clouds can be different shapes.
Some are light and fluffy. Others are dark and cover the whole sky. Rain and snow fall from clouds in the sky. Sometimes the sun hides behind the them.

4 Wind Sometimes the wind blows.
It makes strange noises when it blows against different things. We can see the trees and grass sway. It blows the leaves off the trees. Windy days are great for flying kites!

5 Snow When it is very cold, the rain in clouds can freeze. That makes snow. Snowflakes fall from these clouds. It looks white when it covers the ground. You can build snowmen and ride sleds. The sun melts the snow.

6 Rain Rain falls down from the clouds. Light rain is called a shower.
When it is raining hard, you will get wet! We use an umbrella or raincoat to stay dry.

7 Storm When it storms, the sky gets dark.
You may hear thunder and see lightning! Sometimes the wind is strong during a storm. It is not safe to be outside in a storm.

8 Rainbow We see rainbows when the sun shines on falling rain.
A rainbow is an arc shape. They can show many colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and even purple!

9 Match Up Which one…. Makes trees blow? Has thunder and lightning?
Makes us hot? Is many different colors? Gets us wet? Is cold? Can cover the sun?

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