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Diabetes Hemvård och Bevakning Click to download the video!

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2 Diabetes Hemvård och Bevakning Click to download the video!

3 E-hälsa – Utmaningen och Möjligheter  E-hälsa : Utvecklingen inom ICT med tillämpningar för att förbättra och utveckla vårdsektorn. 1. E (Informations-och teleKommunikationsTeknologier, ICT) & 2. H ä lsa E H E H Guohua Bai (Ph.D. Docent) Blekinge Tekniska Högskolan Http://



6 China Sweden We are doing fine in Sweden. The Internet We will visit You next Month! Can IT make elderly at home feel contacted instead of isolated (loneliness)? How are you my son and grandson? 10.000 km Ensamhet?

7 Utmaningar  Ö kade behov fr å n v å rdtagare, minskade resurser Aged society More knowledge and quality expectation from citizens Mobility (people/diseases) Multi-diseases & more specialized labor division  Teknologier push ICT (Internet, wireless networks, 3G) Biomedical technology  Globalization Integrity, accessibility, mobility, interoperability Standards & diversity Laws, policies, and regulations

8 Möjligheter Can ICT makes a better healthcare ? How? Resolve communication problems between healthcare providers and healthcare receivers and even among different healthcare institutions. Educating Knowledgeable healthcare citizens Increasing healthcare co-operation and team work (e.g., tele- medicine, tele-experts diagnose, consult, operation) Increasing shareability of healthcare knowledge Increasing interoperability among healthcare community

9 What is about IMIS  The IMIS project is to build up a shared, mobile, and web based communication platform for both diabetic healthcare providers (hospitals, nurses, home services, family members etc.) and the diabetic patients to communicate each other through some intelligent terminals (such as IBG: Intelligent Blood Glucose, IM: Intelligent Monitoring, II-Pen: Intelligent Insulin-Pen, VR: Vibrating receiver Device).

10 Problem can be resolved by IMIS Communication problem between healthcare providers and healthcare recievers, and even between various healthcare providers (home nurses, hospitals, relatives, etc.)

11 The goals of IMIS project 1. Increasing interoperability between healthcare providers 2. Providing an international sustainable architecture for integrating and co-ordinating healthcare activities among countries. 3. Increasing quality of life for diabetic patients by providing secure and reliable communication platform and intelligent terminals for self control, self monitoring, and self treatment at any place and anytime.

12 The simplified IMIS architecture IMIS Web Service Other services providers Patient home or out Hospital Home services Man-materials flows Information flows Medical Care Home care and service Other services

13 IMIS Project scheme  Component 1: A need analysis to identify required devices, ICT context aware smart products, sensor, and sensor data collection, mobile devices and fusion  Component 2: Standards and sensor network integration, transition to Web (gateway)  Component 3: Design Database and Web architecture, design intelligent mornitering and alarming system  Component 4: : Build up test environment to test integration, interoperability, reliability, and security of the ICT devices and communication. Component 1 (needed devices with sensors) Web Service Other services providers Elderly home Hospital Home services Home care and service Component 2 (data collection/fusion and transition, gateway) Component 3: Web based Intelligent monitoring and alarming system Component 4 A test environment (Lab.)

14 TACK !

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