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Rwanda Flora wishes you A Happy Valentine’s Day!.

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1 Rwanda Flora wishes you A Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 RWANDA FLORA PILOT Pioneering Initiatives Linking Outgrowers to Trade Executive summary presentation World Bank, Washington DC February 13-15, 2007 GLOBAL FORUM Science, Technology and Innovation Capacity for Sustainable Growth and Poverty Reduction

3 In Africa 1 in 6 children dies before the age of 5 Nearly half of the African population survives on 1USD per day This is unchanged from a decade ago WHY?  Will good governance and democracy alone end poverty?  Is public investment used effectively?  What role is there for the private sector?

4 THE ROLE OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR Rwanda Flora’s experience

5 Rwanda Flora  Vision: To be the incubator for floriculture and horticulture development in Rwanda  RF is pioneering professional and organised horticultural production in Rwanda  RF is the country’s foremost producer and exporter of fresh cut flowers  Currently produce roses under greenhouse production on 8ha, with plans double rose production  We are committed to social and environmental responsibility.

6 PILOT Program Goal To transform 600 rural farmers into profitable enterprises and increase revenue at all levels of the production- marketing chain by diversifying and expanding horticultural production and marketing in Rwanda within 3 years, the process is in motion.

7 PILOT Program Goal Rural farmer’s revenues will go from 1USD to 10USD per day by the end of 2010.

8 PILOT Strategy Establish horticultural services through developing a Trade Facilitation Centre and an outgrower scheme Expand production and export portfolios through the outgrowers Provide a guaranteed market for outgrowers Through participative research and development with outgrowers, RF will contribute to building a horticultural data base In addition to the technical, profit driven strategy aspects, RF will invest in changing the quality of lives of its outgrowers through engaging in social contracts

9 Social contracts Expected results by year 2011 IndicatorCurrently at Rwanda Flora After expansion (6-18ha) PILOTTotal Increase in number of rural jobs created 200>6004,255>5,055 Increase in number of rural women employed 160>4802,268>2,908 Increase in number of rural children going to school 400>1,2002,400>4,000 Increase in number of rural people on a medical plan 1,200>3,6006,000>10,800 Increase in number of rural people with access to daycare 200>600600>1,400 Increase in number of rural people having had HIV/AIDS training 200>600600>1,400

10 STATEMENT (how do we do it?) Rwanda Flora’s innovation and creativity lie in the fact that “we have seen what many have not seen, thought what no one has thought and are doing what no one else has dared”

11 KEYS TO OUR SUCCESS Understanding global markets and access to market intelligence Our most important investment has been people We have learned to think like inventors and innovators This thinking process has provided us with clues to fund sourcing, networking and how to be successful doing business in a very challenging, post conflict environment

12 OUR FUTURE The Role of Science and Technology  Rwanda has very limited land resources  Through science and technology, PILOT is initiating and introducing high value/low volume export crops that will have immediate effect on the income levels, health and education of our rural clients  PILOT is pioneering to build successful rural micro entrepreneurs around contributing to the achievement of the MDG’s in Rwanda

13 OUR FUTURE CONTINUES  Included in our PILOT program on reaching the poor is the micro poverty outreach rotating fund  Through PILOT’s rotating fund, RF will showcase that Science, Appropriate Technology and Providing Financial Services targeting the poor is compatible with financial sustainability  This fund will enable rural micro entrepreneurs to access appropriate technologies and thru the program to scale up to reach more clients with lower costs thru economies of scales  This will be achieved by lowering lending costs in order to remain profitable  Training, capacity building and incentives will be promoted thru our Trade Facilitation Centre

14 Science and technology development, capacity building LILI LOOP No demand for skills development programs Limited private sector demand Who plunges first to escape this vicious cycle? Limited private sector demand No demand for technology Limited Interest, Limited Investment

15 SOUTH-SOUTH COOPERATION How can Rwanda catch up with regional sector leaders? Instant fix Regional Technical Assistance Government cost sharing with sector pioneers, i.e. cargo Grants for first time ventures; i.e. for technical assistance, training, installing and using new technologies, standards certification Government to provide long term finance and incentives for investors in agricultural activities, especially those linked to export. Mid-long term Governments must provide specific skills linked to market demand Research institutes need to develop data bases and appropriate technology for applied science Promote and support private companies to acquire international standards certification

16 Launching PILOT What do we need? Capacity building towards bringing science and technology to the poor has a cost and should be taken seriously by the government and the donor community Scientific data bases and demonstration sites are needed to extend new technologies to the rural poor This is normally a government responsibility but for accelerated implementation of programs targeting business and poverty issues, financial assistance in the form of grants for the private sector will contribute to the pilot activities

17 Launching PILOT What we need continues Brain drain issues not a concern in the rural areas that represent the majority of Rwanda’s population and Africa for that matter; therefore, capacity building of rural youth with specific skills utilising appropriate technologies is not a risk On the contrary, it will contribute to creating wealth and diversifying rural economies

18 Murakoze Murakoze

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