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Computational Photography

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1 Computational Photography
CS 498 Ben Bower Computational Photography

2 What is computational photography? What is it used for?
Computational imaging techniques High Dynamic Range Imaging Light fields Light Field Rendering Synthetic Aperture Photography Relighting Through Computation

3 High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging
Increasing the color contrast and range HDR imaging for static scenes non-static scenes



6 Light Fields A function of the amount of light traveling in every direction through every point in space. Light Field Rendering Synthetic Aperture Photography

7 Light Fields Light Field Rendering

8 Light Fields Synthetic Aperture Photography
First observed by Leonardo da Vinci This idea can be used in photography with an array of cameras


10 Relighting Through Computation
Changing the lighting of an image Intensity Color Origin of light

11 Relighting Through Computation
Light is additive This concept is used to change the intensity and origin of the light Color Scaling the color channels of an image

12 Light Stage


14 Summing it up... Computational photography is still new
It has many applications and will continue to grow as technology increases

15 questions?

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