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Freshman Academy Assistant Principal - Brennon Sapp Freshman Coordinator - Thad Dusing.

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1 Freshman Academy Assistant Principal - Brennon Sapp Freshman Coordinator - Thad Dusing

2 What is the Job of Freshman Academy? 1. Help students learn (by any means possible) Learn the Basic Earn good grades Develop a joy for learning 2. Successfully transition students from the middle school to the high school Earn good grades Develop good habits Experience Schools of Study 3. Turn your child into a Sophomore

3 Our Mission We will do everything we can to make learning easy, interesting, and enjoyable. We will be a constant presence in your child’s life. We will not relent!

4 Your Mission  Be there  Check on your child’s progress constantly  Ask questions  Contact teachers and coordinator constantly Email ( Phone (859-341-7650) Letters & Notes  Reward/Restrict/Love/Ground/Hug/Punish...

5 A Few Statistics  Only one in five repeat freshman graduate high school (Kenton County)  For students who drop out, only three in 10 will obtain a job. (Alliance for Excellence in education)  Assuming that each works until age 65 and earns the average salary A high school graduate will earn nearly $333,000 more than a dropout, A student with a college degree will earn $538,000 more than a high school graduate (Alliance for Excellence in education)

6 What is Freshman Academy?  Two teams of teachers from core subject areas an a few others  The teachers utilize a team concept/approach to better assist students as they: develop academically and socially bridge the gap between the year-long courses of middle school and schools of study Strive to become successful high school students  Student divide time equally between academy and non-academy classes during the freshman year  A coordinator and administrator devoted exclusively to freshman

7 Freshman Academy Activities & Resources  Camp Dixie  Rewards Field Trips  “Colonel Character” Cards  Pathways (Advisor Program)  Tutoring  Tutoring Busses  Red & Gray Olympics  Honors Breakfast  Freshman Coordinator  Freshman Administrator  Teacher Teams  STI Home  Parent Contacts  Progress Reports  Freshman Advisory  Remediation  Homework Hotline  Community Safe  Athletic Passes  School Website  Teacher Websites (  Teacher Team Interventions

8 Trimesters  Three-12 week grading periods each year  Five Classes each day  Each class will be 70 minutes long  Each 12 week term is a ½ credit  Students will take a total of fifteen-½ credit classes each school year

9 Graduation Requirements: English- 4 units: English I, II, III, & IV Mathematics - 4 units: Must include Algebra I-A & I-B and Geometry * Science- 3.5 units: CSI, Core Life, Physical & Earth/Space Science required, plus 1.5 credits other Science credits. Social Studies- 3 units: Intro. to Social Studies and World Civilization recommended, U.S. History required Health-1/2 unit Physical Education-1/2 unit Arts & Humanities- 1 unit Business Principles- 1 unit (formerly Keyboarding) & Tech. Applications Electives- 10.5 units _______________________________ Total- 28 units *Beginning with the class of 2007, prep algebra will be considered only as an elective credit, not a math credit towards graduation.

10 Credits Needed for Promotion (Beginning with Class of 2011) Sophomore -- 6 credits (including English I) Junior -- 13 credits (including English I, II) Senior -- 20 ½ credits (including English I, II, III)

11 Mock Schedule 1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester 1st PeriodEnglish 1AHealthAlgebra 1C 2nd Period Business Tech & Career Applications CSI Business Tech. W/ Marketing Skills 3rd PeriodAlgebra 1AEnglish 1BSocial Studies B 4th PeriodSocial Studies AGerman 1AGeneral Art 5th PeriodP.E.Algebra 1BGerman 1B

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